Gender flipping

Here’s a great summary of this clever social device that makes it clear just how differently men and women are represented. Women are systematically presented as sexual even when men in the same role are depicted as powerful, skilled or simply plain there.

Perhaps if visually depicted roles were more regularly reversed social change could speed up a bit more.

Is gender flipping the most important meme ever


Gay men will marry your girlfriends…

Gay men will marry your girlfriends...

Love it!!!

If you don’t legalise same-sex marriage…

I wonder if the older generations (and those younger homophobes) understand that no matter whether they can get with the acceptance of same-sex partnerships by supporting marriage equality or not, eventually same-sex couples will be able to get married and we’ll look back in horror to the times when this wasn’t the case.

This is a wonderfully twisted and funny way of fighting against remnants of non-acceptance… though perhaps it is preaching to the converted.

Some great historical photos…

Some great historical photos...

31+ Great Iconic Photos from History

Many betray an Anglo-American bias or a preoccupation with fame, but not all… there are some great, lesser-known war shots (Phillippines, WWII), famous moments in history (1906 San Fran earthquake), the beginnings of new technology (flight, Google, first photograph and first computer) and surprisingly a baby photo of Hitler.

The ones that got me the most were less obviously famous though: the frozen over Niagara Falls which is perhaps never going to be repeated with global warming and climate change and most strikingly the photo of black medical staff in emergency treating a patient from the Ku-Klux-Klan.


Chris’ birthday :)

Chris' birthday :)

Chris and I celebrated his birthday right on the day, 15th Jan which fell on a Sunday. Similarly to last year’s we organised a picnic in the park with friends.

We had a gazebo, balloons, a unicorn pinata and I baked a Turkish cake which turned out to be very intense and yummy: halva, orange, chocolate and dates covered with chocolate, mint, rose petals and pomegranate seeds.

The weather didn’t quite behave but we had tarps coming down the gazebo and everyone stayed dry-ish 😛 The pinata got a good whacking and the cake was devoured.

More shots can be seen here on Facebook 🙂

Earth at night

Earth at night

Gotta love this!! 🙂

While we sleep, make love or get ready for work underneath, the International Space Station gently glides above our heads, with NASA cameras observing night on Earth.

I would have loved the day view too, but you probably can’t see much on that one, just sheer light.. watch the Aurora Australis shimmer past! Underneath there’s a list of landmarks you can observe at each pass.