Hipster gender reversal

Hipster gender reversal

These gender reversal exercises are becoming very popular and indeed, they do show up the differences between how men and women are portrayed in the popular media and advertising, the glaring double standards and how women are objectified while men continue to be portrayed as the ones with the active gaze and power.

This ones has a delicious twist to it: the Bondi hipster duo is imitating Miranda Kerr photos with hilarious satirical results. I may have to use this for my upcoming gender lecture!

Mitt Romney for…

Mitt Romney for...

For what reasons could Joss Whedon endorse Mitt Romney? Well, check this out 😉 Too good!!

Gotta love Joss Whedon…

And on another note… if Mitt Romney gets elected the US of A will surely become the most short-sighted administration to ‘lead the world’. Mind you Obama also failed to mention the environment, I guess it’s just an economic derivative or input with no value except for what we can exploit out of it for our own short-term selfish use. Way to plan for a sustainable, peaceful, equitable future… NOT!

Slippery slope sent up

Slippery slope sent up

Hahaha never seen the slippery slope argument sent up better than this before.. watch how the Chaser boys on their Hamster Wheel interview Christian protesters at a recent rally against same sex marriage, then turn to Fred Nile.

Polyamory isn’t mentioned, but there are implications for poly too as the slippery slope is often evoked to similarly discredit the possibility of a plural marriage or even the legitimacy of more than two people being in a committed relationship. Except whereas mentioning bestiality in relation to same sex marriage is considered obscene, equating bestiality with polyamory is not yet considered similarly obscene as… you know, polyamory is ‘out there’ and therefore what could those folk be complaining about?

Anyway, enjoy…

Funny sign language

Love this clip and so had to share it!

Even if you don’t speak any sign language (yes, each geographical area has its own version!) this is very enjoyable and gives you a window into the deaf world.

Once saw a sign language interpreter at a comedy night at Woodford, she was funnier than the comedians and got a standing ovation.

I only learnt Auslan for a year, that is the Australian sign language, but can really appreciate the work of interpreters and sign language teachers especially..