Hipster gender reversal

Hipster gender reversal

These gender reversal exercises are becoming very popular and indeed, they do show up the differences between how men and women are portrayed in the popular media and advertising, the glaring double standards and how women are objectified while men continue to be portrayed as the ones with the active gaze and power.

This ones has a delicious twist to it: the Bondi hipster duo is imitating Miranda Kerr photos with hilarious satirical results. I may have to use this for my upcoming gender lecture!

Arctic ice

Ice on the North arctic is melting even faster than the most audacious predictions. Why? Because humanity is emitting even more CO2 than we thought, global warming is happening even faster than we hoped and the arctic is a fragile system that may have reached its tipping point.

This is further indictment of our unsustainable lifestyle. There can be absolutely no more denying of the direct link between our energy consumption, our carbon footprint and global effects of warming that is fast impinging on the whole biosphere.

This is a good video to watch… easy to understand yet showing the range of expert opinion and the scientific data that underpin our understanding of why arctic ice is melting so fast. When will we have an ice free North Pole? Probably between 2020 and 2030!

Shoot! :)

Shoot! :)

After more than a year of no modelling I got to shoot with MasterTouch yesterday! He’s a wonderfully dedicated and talented fetish-art photographer now based in the West of Sydney. We ended up shooting latex, one set fetishy and one set softer arty playing with textures and expression.

Lots of fun and lots of energy!!

I know a lot of my modelling is a little bit out-there for most people but hope you can all appreciate the creativity, effort and enthusiasm that goes into it… afterall we all do it for love only!

Thanks Marisa for the rubber dress! The crazy boots are mine *grin* and no doubt you can appreciate the studio set-up and yummy lighting and capturing that MasterTouch has done.