the summer that didn’t happen

the summer that didn’t happen

Today is the last day of summer… and it’s been the worst summer in Sydney I can remember. Right now it’s 17C, slightly overcast and windy… it’s been 4-5 months of almost constant rain and shithouse weather! Apparently we can thank La Nina. Noone’s complaining about global warming this year…

Info from the Bureau of Meteorology:

* not one day went over 31C this summer
* coldest summer since 1956!
* least sunshine for 17 years
* 438mm of rain but not one day broke the rain record… in other words it’s been constant!
* violent storms and flash flooding
* windy conditions and thunderstorms

SMH article today

My asthma’s been the worst and I’ve been constantly sick with infections…
Autumn can only be better!!

Except for the fruit… right now I can’t get enough of figs, blueberries and passionfruit… mmmm

Hello kinky! :)

You can listen to all the songs from Hello Kinky

Yay for the leap year… yes I’m spending the whole day writing and working, but last night Craig and I went to see the Wet Spots, a wonderful and hilarious sex-postive vaudeville set from Canada.

For a few hours I felt completely at home… we need more of:

* sex-positive culture
* open discussion on sex
* more fun with sexual stuff
* diversity celebrated… bdsm, queerness, polyamory etc.
* sex education & activism!
* happy healthy sexy people who can have fun with all of the above and make the world spin to their sexy humanist utopian ideas!

We got their new CD ‘Hello kinky’ dedicated to ‘2 bi, kinky, poly sluts’ 😀
Can’t wait to hear all the songs again…

You can find three of them on YouTube and everyone must hear them!

How amazing to be living in a time and place where you can see such creative acts and feel part of a wider progressive global sexual culture! How amazing that there’s a group of artists who tour the world and make a living out of such fantastic intelligent sexy work!

Read more about them here… I’ll have to stop gushing now! 😀
Oh yes and they’ll be at the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday… yay

“Our goal is to have fun with people’s ideas of what’s sexy and what’s secret, to help them enjoy, even just for an hour, the idea that sexual expression, be it kinky, queer, straight, whatever, is healthy, benign, … and funny.” – Cass King

Picture an old-fashioned husband and wife song and dance duo from the golden age of comedy. Now picture them singing sweetly about threesomes, sex toys, and taking it in the ass. The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) write the most elegant songs about the raunchiest subjects that you will ever hear.

February going out… Mardi Gras coming! :)

February going out… Mardi Gras coming! :)

A giant storm is just rolling through Sydney! Spectacular.

I just realised that I was sick for the whole of February! I’m finally getting better, this time for real I think… just finishing 3rd course of anti-biotics, asthma and arthritis are calming down a bit… my allergies are up though, my immune system continues to be weird and there’s not much I can do about it…

The above pick is from last weekend that I spent with Craig and Kabe… lots of cuddles, cooking, Wii and DVDs.

More Feb photos here
(please don’t link back from facebook though, I’m keeping the blog private)

I’m getting pumped for next Sat’s Mardi Gras parade! I’ll be marching this year and our bi-poly float will be in the colours of the bi flag: purple, blue and pink.

Hope Craig can come, he’s tied down with some nasty court stuff and lawyers. Poor Craig…

Simone will be marching in pink, Craig in blue and I’ll be in purple. Can’t help thinking about it all 😀

work.. and pictures of cool research facilities :)

work.. and pictures of cool research facilities :)

I’m working from home today… both doing paid research and some thesis work… the former is fieldwork files from my Melbourne visit last week, admin and research planning, the latter is re-writing of Chapter 6 of my thesis, compiling info on potential examiners and doing word checks.

My schedule is still scaring me and the best response is steady work… there’s so much more waiting to be done!

Meanwhile thought I’d post the link to some fantastic images of rather cool scientific research facilities around the world. For a sociologist of science this geeky eye candy is both an awesome reminder of why I chose my field of research and a beautiful potential prelude to a long sociological discussion on cutting edge high calibre scientific work! Those of you who have engaged me on science before would know what I mean!

The image above is a 50′000 ton cylindrical ‘ring-imaging water cerenkov detector’ that can be found at the kamioka mozumi mine in japan – 1′000m underground. It is used to detect neutrinos, proton decay and cosmic rays…. read on if you want! 🙂

First list of facilities and images is here

Second list is here

PhD and diversions

PhD and diversions

Had another meeting with my PhD supervisor today. My deadline for submission stands at 15th April and I’ll have to be super good to make it. The rather wonderful reason for this is that my parents are taking me with them to Israel in April! 🙂 I want to have my dissertation submitted by then…

This will take focus, discipline and sitting on my bum… 3 difficult things 😛
But I really want to off-load it now!

I’ll have 3 weeks to finish a final draft… ouch!!
I’m so glad my supervisor’s really with me on this too.. I’ll need her close cooperation.

I can still have my nightly diversions if I’m good I guess. Right now I’m bingo-ing my head off in Facebook scrabble. I usually play 5-7 games at once, they get played one turn at a time, so they can easily run parallel.

The above board is from last Dec when I managed to put QUBITS down!! 😀

In case you wonder I usually play ‘cheat-o-matic’ scrabble where both parties can use a word generator, which lifts the game but keeps it just as hard, interesting and of course, equitable. Just a different way to play.

I also have some photos of me playing Mario Super Galaxy on Wii, but as they are all naked or semi-naked I’ll leave them out… haha

Wish me luck on the PhD!! I’m now going to compile the examiners’ list and do another word check… standing at around 80,000 words now 🙂