Maianbar weekend

Maianbar weekend

Spent a weekend with Craig and friends in the National Park near Bundeena in a small place called Maianbar… at our friends’, Chryl and Chris’s house… overlooking a beautiful lagune.

I especially enjoyed the sword fighting and the fire twirling and the endless BlokUs sessions prompted by my obsession with the game πŸ˜›

Personal discussions were good too, especially on relationships and sexuality, which makes sense as the weekend was to bring together poly people.

More shots here on Facebook (please don’t link back, thanks).

Khet & tix

Khet & tix

Nerdy stuff! πŸ˜€

Craig and I separately ended up in the Socrates toy shop in Bondi Junction and Craig bought a Khet. This is a rather kooky board game that will take a bit of getting used to… which should be fun πŸ™‚

You have 2 built-in lasers and move pieces around the board a bit like in chess, except some of your pieces have mirrors on them that reflect the beam. The aim is to take off the opponent’s pieces by hitting them with the laser, strategising so that the path of the beam ends up hiting them before your opponent can move the pieces away or change the angle of a mirror!

Khet: the laser game

My brain had a hard and interesting time adjusting to the logic of it all. Now we just need to get together with other afficionados or interested friends and see how far we can take it. Let me know if you want to try it! πŸ™‚

Also booked my flight tickets to Istanbul-Barcelona-London-Sydney for Jul-Aug!! There’s lots more organisation, like side-flights to Budapest and Rotterdam and accommodation, but we are all on our way, all 3 of us in the combined trip: Craig, Tiff and I. Really looking forward to all this!

Craig found a strategy page, I’d better put that here too to remember… khet strategy … and some more

I changed the middle pic here.. it’s now a photo of Craig playing with his Chinese green laser on the Khet board… he blew some smoke on the board to make the laser’s path visible… noyce πŸ™‚

Flights… and dots :P

Flights… and dots :P

Today I’m going to book my flights to Europe for Jul-Aug! πŸ˜€

Will prolly book flights within Europe online by myself a bit later…

Got a project meeting today and lots of other work stuff…

So just posting this photo of me and my mum last Tue… the black-dotted match was completely accidental hehe. Muffin is standing there breathlessly admiring.

Are we naturally monogamous? NO!

Are we naturally monogamous? NO!

The overwhelming scientific evidence is that like the majority of other species humans too are non-monogamous in their sexual behaviour. Yay for us who happily and ethically celebrate this in our everyday lives! πŸ˜€

We are socially monogamous most of the time, humans form long-term primary relationships, yet sexually we weren’t made to be stuck on one person, the majority of spouses cheat on each other.. we philander, have affairs etc… where would film plots be without this? πŸ˜›

If you doubt the above or are interested in more check out Poly Weekly.

Poly Weekly episode #147 explains the raunchy and geeky details of our non-monogamous nature and how to live it ethically.

Is monogamy natural?

You can also find the most wonderfully entertaining POLY FAQ written by a smart transhumanist poly geek here… it really does answer all the usual poly questions and more:

Polyamory? What, like, two girlfriends?

With the happy thought of turning these insights into an ethical and emotionally safe reality I’m heading out to the poly social in Randwick!

We usually have a couple of hours of passionate discussion on all things poly, share a drink and chat. I always find my personal insights enriched and come back home with a great sense of community…

Yay, the poly social was great, had some great discussions and lots of silly and slutty chats and hugs after… πŸ™‚

Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Sheer joy!! πŸ˜€

I was blown away by tonight’s concert of the musical group led by Omar Faruk Tekbilek. What I saw was highly accomplished players pouring their souls into some magnificent Sufi-inspired music!!

The flutes were otherworldly, the rhythms unbelievable, the atmosphere so joyful… the chemistry between the musicians awesome… you could feel the love radiating… it’s not often that you really feel that kind of energy!

Some obviously revere Tekbilek as a mystic idol, I just revelled in the peace, calm and musical transcendence that washed over me… πŸ™‚

Tekbilek’s website