new ways to sin… not!

new ways to sin… not!

Apparently the Catholic church has added 7 new sins to their existing ones, including behaviour damaging to the environment (how about religion as a damaging phenomenon to the social environment?) and pedophilia (church leaders would have first hand knowledge I guess!).

Seven new deadly sins

Perhaps not enough of the flock are going to confessions, perhaps our world has become even more sinful in the eyes of the pious and delusionally holy. I think the possible reactions run the following.. or is there more?:

1) Catholicism is completely pathetic… in any case, how could capitalism survive without gluttony and greed, and didn’t God create me to be a slut? If that was in his/her image then God is a slut… yay πŸ˜€

2) Hypocritical (perhaps self-flagellating)… how many priests have been involved in pedophilia? Oh and excessive wealth is also a sin… how much does the Vatican own again? (oh the nerve of it) But of course the Catholic Church is also up there with the older sins, after all isn’t forbidding condom use and outlawing abortion are rather unsubtle ways of unleashing AIDS on Africans and drowning the world in third world children? Yes I know, at least they’ll be all Catholic and die as such…

3) Useless… does anyone care?

Fortunately Catholicism is slowly dying out, perhaps the Chaser crew below got it right… and soon we’ll be able to weed it out genetically πŸ˜› Maybe this is why genetic manipulation is one of the new sins? At least that one might be clever then!

My StumbleUpon friend ethersurfer sent me the following link… scientific study shows that genes do actually influence religious beliefs! Thanks ethersurfer! πŸ™‚

Genes contribute to religious inclination

happy weekend

happy weekend

Had the most awesome weekend… lots of playing and relaxing, some with Craig, some with Craig and Simone… lots and lots of cuddles and play yumm… Sunday we kept the energies flowin… and finished with some tacos and yet more cuddles… is there a way of having too much of that? πŸ™‚

This week I gotta roll out the remaining bits of my thesis. It might be Easter for others but I’m on my usual schedule… not into religious holidays anyway… will prolly go to hospital on Tuesday to get my lungs checked out, bronchitis is not clearing… been sick for 9 weeks I think, crazy.

Reality has been owing me some happy and careless weekends overflowing with love and at least I got that now! πŸ˜€

I’m going to a Turkish concert this week, catching up with a friend from overseas and doing the poly discussion group. Probably also getting flight tix to Europe! Next weekend I am camping with poly friends on the South Coast yay! πŸ™‚


Secret pulse of time

Secret pulse of time

Can’t quite believe it’s already 21st March… and my thesis is due very very soon!

Why does time speed up and slow down for us? Can we influence this?

I’m reading a fantastic book that sheds light on this. ‘The Secret Pulse of Time’ by Stefan Klein brings together all the latest scientific research on how our time consciousness changes, memory, rhythms of biochemistry, clocks, modernity and the culture of time, time wasting, stress and productivity and how we may be able to influence our sense of time and memory.

The only topics missing so far… are how mental illness influences one’s sense of time and memory (maybe way too pathological?) and how drugs influence time (could be deduced from chapters on very pleasurable and fantastic experiences I guess).

Still, the book is defnitely worth the time!

Sacred Monsters

Sacred Monsters

Last Monday I went to see Sacred Monsters with my mum… it was just fantastic! I love contemporary dance so much!

First time I saw Sylvie Guillem live, and also Akram Khan on stage… such amazing dancers, such amazingly different styles, bodies and cultural backgrounds.

What I loved about it most is how the cultural and physical differences were articulated and the difficulty of negotiating and even just understanding each other, is a messy process but can yield amazing and surprising results.

It was such a creative and surprising performance with so many beautiful symbolic elements. Music was provided by a mixed Eastern-Western classical band with singer… in parts they were walking between dancers and traversed a whole range of world music stlyes…

reclaim your mind

reclaim your mind

The video below is a nice creative piece of visual provocation… a little sociologically naive (yes, that bias in judgment comes with my profession I’m afraid!) but very interesting nevertheless… thank you Ange for the link! πŸ™‚

Now in order to truly re-claim our minds we also need a collective effort in researching how we can expand the capacity and possibilities of our minds and bodies… a couple of ideas…

Human Awareness Institute – they have psychologically challenging, rich and progressive group courses that help raise awareness of interpersonal effects from intimacy to fear… haven’t done it yet but am planning to at some point. Craig tells me it’s definitely worth it.

Hedonists on expanding our pleasurable possibilities:
The hedonistic imperative
I’m not a full-on hedonists but strongly sympetize with their overall message and the underlying values and assumptions.
When reading… check your values and assumptions for yourself! πŸ™‚

And finally, a rather provocative, jam-packed and probably hopelessly optimistic (silly or admirable?) and future-oriented collection of articles that are great for a variety of reasons:
– to expand your perspective on drugs, consciousness shaping, pharmacology and transhumanism.
– to start an explosive debate! πŸ™‚
The molecular biology of paradise

Please let me know if there are more I should add πŸ™‚

[artwork: ‘Early morning, Broome’ by Ilynkoff on DeviantArt]