satisfation!! + partey!! :)


I have finished formatting my thesis, I’ll take it to be printed in the next day or so. The formatting, checks, biblio etc have all been pretty fiddly. It’s looking good, I’m pretty happy with it! Thankfully it’s only 67k now which means that examiners will have an easier time… no point in labouring it endlessly… it’s spiffy and very coherent, I quite like it! 🙂

The other great news is that Craig has won his court case which was a challenge to his dad’s will. It’s been a long, expensive, stressful and vile exercise stretching some 1.5 years.. and Craig’s secured a victory better than optimistically expected. I’m soooo happy for him!

Friday night we are going to a private party with Simone and I can see it becoming a giant celebration of our thesis and court case achievements! Also great chance to catch up with friends and get beautifully trashed… oh yes, this will be a good one!

Tonight I went to the poly social which was pretty good with lots of animated discussion. I really like this forum and the sharing of ideas… it’s starting to feel like a little community now.

And now off to bed… reading Matter by Iain Banks… pretty good sci-fi novel with a fabulously strong female hero!

Bill Henson & moral panic

Bill Henson & moral panic

Last week a famous Australian artist suffered a heavy blow in his homeland. Bill Henson’s new exhibition was shut down by police, backed by political announcements as to the despicable nature of his work that uses nude photos of adolescents.

So we have a full-blown moral panic happening. A moral panic in which nudity is equated with sex and pedophilia.

If you have a look at Henson’s work you’ll see that his art is not only transcendental, beautiful and nothing to do with sex, it is also very close to the Renaissance idea of art and that of medieval Chritian art! How ironic!!

If this is sexually exciting we obviously need to demolish churches, Biblical and other reference books, art curricula and lots of other things, which is ludicrous. It is also evident that it’s not art that will get the attention of pedophiles and that pedophiles will continue just the same without art. If Henson’s work is titillating then a Myers children’s clothing catalogue is positively pornographic. And this is the territory to which moral panic leads.

And then we haven’t even discussed Henson’s art, which may be a bit provocative, but really it’s about innocence, transcendence, awareness and being human.

Some now call for the banning of nude babies on beaches, soon we’ll have sculptures covered up in the city. This is religious moral hysteria!!

I guess our new Labor prime minister is now showing his true colours and what those of us not represented by either of the major parties were so afraid of… his religious and moral convictions and how these will not remain separate from politics.

We should recall separation of church and state, remember our liberal traditions, recall freedom of thought and expresssion and also remember to keep our logic in check, lest it becomes harnessed by our own fears that only reflect back who we are, not what others’ lives are about…



Last Sunday was the famous SF-based Masturbate-a-thon!

I love progressive sex-positive stuff and this is one of the best!

Yes, this event features people wanking live and it’s a fundraiser dedicated to supporting sex education and sexual safety. Proceeds go to non-profit organisations. As far as I know others can join in from their own place to raise money or donate and watch.

For many people masturbation is still a taboo. Many would do well with a bit more of sexual liberation!

Maturbate-a-thon is organised by the Centre for Sex and Culture and Good Vibrations. They believe that:

* Masturbation is the safest sex.

* More masturbation means more
sexual self-awareness.

* Masturbation with a partner can be educational and hot.

There are many ways of getting involved on their site here. Go and support them!! (before, after or during masturbation)

And while you are at it, check out this awesome site: Global Mapping of Pleasure.
It brings together info on sex positive sex education campaigns and organisations from around the world.

Bit of winter sun

Bit of winter sun

Had a half-work half-leisure weekend. Saturday was thesis. Spent Sunday with Craig, went for a long walk with Kabo in the sunshine, down to the beach and back. Bondi Pavilion was hosting an Environmental Festival with a cool ragged jazz-funk band.

Had some corn on the cob, had a look at giant stick and leaf insects at the stalls and watched Kabe frolic with the other dogs.

The slightly tired and short winter sunshine was beautiful and it was good to get out, even if it was quite cold… very cold at home too!

I’m a bit flat but have been keeping seizures at bay. Want to put the thesis into a printery in about 3 days so that’s also hanging over me… not much to go now 🙂

Mentally I’m just about preparing for a big Friday party now… but first some more writing, work, maybe gym, poly discussion group, some more work, thesis laid off and maybe visit my parents who are arriving back from Europe. Sooo want to be ready for partying by the end of the week tho!!

pool night with bonobos + cold + dog visit

pool night with bonobos + cold + dog visit

Have been struggling with a viral infection.. lots of coughing, asthma attacks and today I also lost my voice.. It’s hard not to get down when I seem to be the person sick the most 🙁 I hate it… so much.. I can’t express it.

So today I skipped gym (have been skipping for over 6 months because of illness!!!) and visited my parents’ dog as they are still away. Muffin was so happy to see me and it was great to give her some loving attention.

Then I finished off my abstract. This is the shortest yet hardest bit of a thesis.. apart from the title! I have that now too, I think.

Last night Craig, Simone and I went out to play pool and have some drinks (well, I don’t drink, so I’m the driver). We had a great time, it was so good to see Simone again! 😀

The 3 of us together drew a fair bit of amused attention. This might be the friendliest and most fun way to educate people about poly and non-monogamy! Yay for us.

Photo: 2 very happy bonobos I love and care about 🙂 Awww

Weekend… probably lots of resting, playing and cuddling. I need to finalise the conclusion and offload the examiners’ list to my supervisor. And eat LOTS of garlic!!!!