One of those important things that you don’t hear about growing up, well most of us, is that most people ‘pass’ in life. Most of them are nowhere near the kind of fearless, confident, comfortable, always happy and satisfied state we may think them to be in. Or we suspect, or fear that we don’t come up well when compared to the rest. That we are inadequate or scraping through at the best of times.

It is a revelation for many growing up or later that pretty much everyone else has faults, defects, everyone has doubts, everyone has weaknesses and most of us have fears of some kind, some unbearable, some persistent and some just floating around here and there.

Once you realise this a couple of ideas come to the fore.

1) all those people out there running businesses and looking spiffy, all those people looking undeterred, self-assured and grounded, all those ‘authors’ and ‘leaders’ and others with a title of authority often cobble things together, fly by the seat of their pants and make it up along the way (actively hiding the fact or not telling anyone about it)… the idea that most of them are somehow superhumans, well, most of them most of the time just aren’t. They are like you and me.

2) considering this what have you got to fear? what stands between you and going about realising your dreams, putting forward your ideas, making things happen? I’m not talking about faking it, winging it or pretending. Just going forward without debilitating doubts and fears.

3) as the card above says, be kind to others, they are struggling with their own stuff too! Yes, that successful person there has a retarded sibling, a dying mother, a difficult job, personal challenges, lack of time, poverty, sickness, overwhelming changes, lack of direction or a million other things.

If everyone realised this a giant wall would come crashing down (and probably society would cease to operate as it does). Maybe these insights are good to keep hacking away at the wall each day…

I love the PostSecret project for disseminating a deluge of cards with personal ‘secrets’ written over them… each week a new batch… a new insight into the hidden life of all of us.


Great Indian tantra ‘challenge’

Great Indian tantra ‘challenge’

Craig just stumbled this to me… hilarious yet so very important.

Lots of people believe in magic and the power of tantrik in India (not to mention the very annoying phenomenon of astrology, tarot and other bullshit in the West). A tv programme featured a skeptic atheist who ‘withstood’ all the magic and mantras that was thrown at him live in front of hundreds of millions of viewers. Apparently the tantrik efforts went on for hours and were aimed at killing the skeptic as people watched to find out what would happen. What an amazing spectacle! What a beautifully demonstrated epic failure of tantra.

None of the magic worked, of course, but it’s great to see primitive magic and superstition dispelled in front of people who still hold onto them. Very nice one and rather funny too!! Welcome to modernity superstitious Indian viewers!

Read the article on it here.



Peaceful, lazy weekend… spending time with Craig mostly… reading, relaxing.

Playing, cuddling, cooking and lots of sleeping… had some more seizures on Thu-Fri so resting lots is good! I also seem to have some weak viral infection and feel a bit lethargic, but it’s OK.

Been also watching a doco on Tommy Chong the Canadian comedian from Cheech & Chong who was put in jail for selling bongs… how obscene and unbelievable reality can be, especially when it is run along the lines of the senseless ‘war on drugs’… it’s more like show trials,. bullying famous personalities and punishing the rebels. How infuriating. How sad. Decent, beautiful, creative, loving, peaceful, productive people locked away because of doing whatever they please with their own bodies.

Everyone we were going to see is sick or busy or down… which is ok as right now I’m feeling kinda quiet and contemplative anyway, like these glass jars in the sunset…

Also, there’s news that my conference paper for the Rotterdam 4S conference has been accepted… very happy about that…

Off to read some Hitchens and Guardian Weekly… and play some more games 🙂

Snooker world championship 2008

Snooker world championship 2008

I missed the last 2 days because my hotel in Tel Aviv didn’t have EuroSport… damn it!… I was rooting for Ronnie O’Sullivan and HE FUCKING WON, YAY!!! 😀

Snooker world championship 2008 wiki page

Watch the climax of the final match HERE!!! 😀

He’s an amazingly talented snooker player who went pro at 16 and is the second highest ever earning player. He’s got flair, personality and is ambidextrous (any bi person can appreciate this!).

When he first played with his left hand in the 1996 World Championship he was accused of disrespect. His response was that he plays better with his left hand than his opponent Robidoux with his right. O’Sullivan was summoned to a disciplinary meeting and then had to prove his assertion in a match! This he did with relish and the charges were dropped. What a character!!
Apparently he also runs marathons and trains really hard physically… I wonder what else he does!

Ronnie O’Sullivan wiki

Ronnie O’Sullivan website

I’m becoming a (very) small-time officionado and would really love to learn the game myself… Craig knows 2 places to play snooker and we’ll play sometime soon… I know it’s WAY more difficult than can be seen and I’ve been studying up on the different types of shot a little… probably watching will remain a favourite! 😀 And I can probably hack away at my technique just playing pool for years…

But with snooker… the tempo, the slow rivalry, the strategy and the commentary all make for a very relaxing and happy viewing!

Keep Jesus off my penis…

Keep Jesus off my penis…

Not having a penis doesn’t make this any less umm pressing.. so read on! 😛

I’m just reading ‘God is not great’ by Christopher Hitchens… it’s simply fantastic! Thank evolution, biology and human culture (as opposed to god) for Hitchens! I may not agree with him all the time and yes he can be grating, but he’s also logical, unbelievably witty, knowledgable and a smart-arse possum stirrer of phenomenal proportions.

I still think I’m an agnostic not an atheist, though that depends on the definition. As far as Hitchens’ arguments and judgments on religion are concerned you can count me an atheist.

Yes, my visit to Israel has renewed this direction that I have been leaning to my whole life… once the true ugliness, sheer stupidity and obvious barbarity of religion is exposed I can’t see how it can be chosen with intelligence and a clear conscience. (I have a significantly more subtle attitude to spiritualism as long as it isn’t of the contradictory and completely silly kind, ie. palm reading etc)

This hilarious and offensive little video sets out the problems faced by the non-religious… that religious people, if you let them, will commandeer your life through laws and culture. I guess Craig is right, if you want to preserve your secular democratic rights you’d better stand up for them more in the face of religion (we may disagree on the exact details, but I know we agree on the direction and logic). Religiosity is not as disturbing a phenomenon as most other places, but one shouldn’t be complacent.