2008 >>> 2009

2008 >>> 2009

Hope 2008 was a fantastic year for you!


I’ve got great hopes for 2009 and I’m planning to party into the night this NYE.. then have a nice big sleep and start the year fresh.

When I take stock this is what I find…

2008 was a mixed but amazing year:

* finished my PhD!! This has to trump everything else!
* travelled to Israel, Istanbul, Barcelona, Budapest and Rotterdam in 2 spurts
* got very ill, went to hospital and had several very tough months ๐Ÿ™
* did some wonderful new research and as part of this flown around Oz and talked to many wonderful quantum physicists
* met heaps of wonderful new people who enrich my life!
* partied quite a bit and had some amazing fun times
* got a new flatmate, my old friend Tamsin ๐Ÿ™‚
* did heaps of photography, some modelling and writing, blogging of course!
* learnt to let go of some bad things!

2009….. hm…

* more research and academic writing
* Craig’s sister’s wedding in Thailand + holiday time
* moving to my mum’s gorgeous newly renovated apartment here in Randwick
* looking for a new job
* looking for a girlfriend for that matter!
* more photography yay!
* parties and fun times with gorgeous people who make my world spin around like a shiney kaleidoscopic image
* yoga, writing, games, poly and kink stuff… also want to learn massage! Lots more blogging too! ๐Ÿ™‚
* meditation ๐Ÿ™‚

Would love to see someone else’s list too… you know you can comment, right?

(Picture is the NGC 6357 gas cluster in the Pismis 24… from a list of the most beautiful astronomical photos of the year)

Shoot! :)

Shoot! :)

After more than a year of no modelling I got to shoot with MasterTouch yesterday! He’s a wonderfully dedicated and talented fetish-art photographer now based in the West of Sydney. We ended up shooting latex, one set fetishy and one set softer arty playing with textures and expression.

Lots of fun and lots of energy!!

I know a lot of my modelling is a little bit out-there for most people but hope you can all appreciate the creativity, effort and enthusiasm that goes into it… afterall we all do it for love only!

Thanks Marisa for the rubber dress! The crazy boots are mine *grin* and no doubt you can appreciate the studio set-up and yummy lighting and capturing that MasterTouch has done.

The big chill

The big chill

Have you been chilling enough? I think I have… as I’m getting older I appreciate more and more the art of relaxing and not doing anything at all! So zen isn’t it ๐Ÿ˜›

Xmas day my boss sent me a work message via her iPhone, obviously some people do have a problem with switching off!! I’m strictly against workoholism, it’s as bad as alcoholism as far as I’m concerned (no offense to my overworked friends!).

I overcame my internet addiction for a few days and spent time with Craig, my flatmate, my parents, friends and some crazy Hungarians in Randwick… the last one was obviously a lapse or reason but the rest was great ๐Ÿ™‚ but you know, every 10 years or so I immerse myself in a group of Hungarians just to confirm that I still dislike their company in general (no offense to my Hungarian friends in Hungary, you’d see what I mean if you were here too!).

Spent 25th with Craig and with friends… guitar playing, serious chilling, the dark art of ham carving (nope, not me) and me running around in my gay unicorn shirt (see pic!). Yes, the first pic is me doing interpretive dancing… as a tawdry xmas tree. Sending up xmas is half the fun.

26th was spent with Craig and 27th with my parents and at home baking, reading and playing games. Guilt free non-procrastination mode! ๐Ÿ˜›

In the last 2 weeks I managed to also squeeze in a nasty cold, bacterial secondary infection, anti-biotics and 10 days of awful bronchitis… which is now almost over! Yay. Now there’s a good chance for some serious fun on NYE!

Today I’m trying to get down to some writing, tomorrow I’m doing a tasty fetish shoot as model with an old friend whose recent photography I’ve been admiring greatly! Exciting.

Hope you all had a great time, will be back tomorrow with something sci-tech based… I can feel it brewing… ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!

OH OH OH!!!!

Don’t really celebrate xmas as such but of course enjoy the extra free time and love relaxing with loved ones like everyone else… bring on the good times!

Xmas can be twisted and tweaked like anything else… until it turns thoroughly kinky!

Those of you with a twisted sense of humour or kinky inclinations, enjoy this cute pic courtesy of Mistress Kalyss Mercury of www.mymistress.net… yeah, some of us like a good plug don’t we naughty kids!

Thanks Mistress for making xmas fun again! Oh yeah and the paper she holds has lots of names on it… including my own cause I’ve been thoroughly good… and bad this year ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you all get to spend time with friends and family, relax or get up to as much pleasurable mischief as you can..

Lotsa love to all my friends, family and lovers!!

(when’s the time to be out if not now… and always!)

Baz Lurmannโ€™s Australia

Baz Lurmannโ€™s Australia

Well well well… you can amass a lot of thinking in the 3 hours that it takes to see the film ‘Australia’ by Baz Luhrmann.

I think it’s worth seeing as it’s the first of its kind and has a wonderfully broad palette, some superb acting and cinematography to die for. Most obviously it is to be applauded for weaving together important Australian stories: outback life, macho frontier culture, Aboriginal culture, the stolen generations, 1940s Aussie cultural fermentation and the WWII bombing of Darwin.

The ‘half-cast’ boy is played by a magnificently talented young boy, Brendan Walters, who lifts up the whole film. Jackman and Kidman shine together beautifully, and the cream of Australian acting is used to great advantage. It is wonderful to see such wonderful Australian talent, so many breathtaking landscapes and so many important stories.


Soooo much of Australian resources, money, talent and ingenuity went into this film not to mention symbolism. Yet the film falls way off the mark and it’s a sad and frustrating thing as I so wanted it to succeed and I was ready to forgive it so much.

The outdated sentiments and cliches can be forgiven easily even when they are repeated endlessly, and I didn’t mind sitting there an extra hour, it is too long by about that much. But I couldn’t help wincing when dialogue became overwhelmingly tawdry, when landscapes and sentiments were pushed beyond their reasonable limits, when CGI and acting was completely fake or false, when otherwise important points, historical or emotional, were laboured til their cinematic death.

Gawdiness works in Moulin Rouge but not here. The screenplay shows sign of wrangling and I couldn’t help feeling that a big piece of Australian cultural heritage got thoroughly mangled, even if the film is seen through foreign eyes and that’s saying someting. The music was beyond mawkish, it was dripping off the canvas in thick layers of coagulated goo. CGI and music could be shown in a film school as an overblown example of what never to do in a film again. It could have been a great film with heaps more editing, more consistency and pruning in the dialogue and cliche departments. It’s great to have Aboriginal culture feature so prominently but again it was hammered and used until it was hurting.

To finish on a good note though some of the scenes and micro-editing was so superb I’d watch those bits again and again and again, such as the outback stampede towards a giant cliff. Australian landscape has never looked so richly varied, lush, dramatic and absolutely stunning.

And I’m really glad this film was made, it had to be made. It has soul and depth and lots of amazing features and I can love it for those.

David and Margaret of At the Movies have some interesting things to say about the film and you can also watch the trailer and other video snippets here.