Celebrate sexuality!

I feel so lucky when I meet lots of gorgeous young ethical sluts who are smart and assured on their path of self-discovery and liberation! The world doesn’t have enough of them, but the good news is that in Western democracies at least (and in urban centres) it’s possible to be free and sexually liberated.

Happy Mardi Gras to you all! Enjoy the bubble of liberation that surrounds us!


Feel kinda stressed and exhausted (and kinda ill) from 48+ hours of moving house… bit like being tossed around like a ball in mid-air and feeling the worse for it. Which is why I thought I’d post this completely random video of Japanese foot acrobats from 1904! Enjoy!

Got sooooo much packing, unpacking, cleaning, organising etc to do!

On the plus side I now live in an awesome, cute, newly renovated apartment in a much smaller block of flats. Got a garage with lots of storage place, two bedrooms and the cutest bathroom and kitchen. Will cook something nice tonight and maybe watch a film on my laptop in bed… then rest as much as I can before starting my workweek.

Moving house

Moving house

Yeah my two years are up at this residence and I’m moving further up in the same street all the way to my mum’s newly renovated newly bought apartment. YAY 😀

Started moving today, I’m about 1/3-way over there now. How boring hey? 😛 This is my last night here at the old place. It was a damn humid day and moving is always boring and exhausting, but I’m really looking forward to living in the new space.

As much as I loved living with Tamsin it’ll be good for both of us to have some space for ourselves. Besides we can still have Monday dhal nights at either of our places, we’ll be in the same street still.

Tomorrow the removalist is coming to take my furniture over. I know, boooooring. Well, sometimes life is kinda boring but it’s moving forward. Craig and a friend from overseas will visit me tomorrow night so I can have a night off packing and unpacking.

Today I got the govt fridge buyback scheme to put my fridge on their list, so we’ll get rid of the old one soon. Phone and internet issues are not quite as simple so I might be without internet for a couple of weeks… EEEEK!!!

Will have to crawl to my uni office at night to update my blog… will see!

(in the meantime here’s one of my favourite ever book covers :P)

my first week back home…

my first week back home…

And I have survived a vicious food poisoning incident between Singapore and Sydney in the air, have covered a quantum computer technology workshop and have done the workshop ‘Blow his mind’ by the Sex Workers Alliance! 🙂 No 2 and No 3 on this list were obviously far better than No 1. It was inspiring and mentally challenging, as always, to cavort with quantum physicists, wish I could do it more often. And of course I’ll be applying my new knowledge from sex workers on Craig when he returns to Sydney this coming week.

Australia endured its most horrific natural disaster ever with almost 200 lives lost and 5000 homes burnt down in Victoria. There were floods in Qld and sharks in Sydney and now we have 18C and raining which feels like winter. What a crazy week. I have give to the Australian Red Cross, hope you all have done the same cause people in Victoria really need it now.

Mardi Gras’s here if only I had the time to attend anything! Well, maybe the parade on the joint bi-poly float. I’m also about to move house to the other end of my street in Randwick to a very handsome 2br place that’s newly renovated, it’s exciting. Tamsin’s not coming with me so it’ll just be me. Will have to take back all the storage stuff I have in various locations and process that during March.

And as I’m now officially completely fed up with the (non)-professional behaviour of my boss I’m seriously considering putting in a grant proposal so I can do my own research and also perhaps applying for teaching so I can balance it all out.

Tonight I’m heading out to see Chris and Chryl and spend some of the weekend with them 🙂