The latest animated film from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli has arrived! I saw it last night and it completely swept me away…

We follow Ponyo, a goldfish who becomes a little girl.. who twirls, swims, laughs, loves, morphs and enchants us through the sometimes psychedelic and magical worlds that Miyazaki has created.. with spirits, humans vs nature, incredibly lovable characters, and simply breath-taking animation. She and a 5 y.o. boy Sosuke fall in love through a chance meeting at the edge of the sea near Sosuke’s mum’s house on the cliff.

Before you know you are swept up in the story with Ponyo’s wizard father and sea spirit mother who have given her powers and desires that trap her between the land and the sea. Magical calamities ensue involving a whole home for the elderly and the seaside town in which Sosuke lives. The sea is animated with so much depth, gusto, conceptual creativity and beauty that you just never want this to end….

I found this film transcendental, spiritual, incredibly beautiful and soulful. On the technical level it’s innovative and impeccable and imbued with the truest Studio Ghibli spirit! 5 stars from me for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Please go and see the subtitled version, you’ll thank me for it.

I won’t link any reviews, just go to your favourite review site if you want any more convincing…

Dark science and flesh hooks

Dark science and flesh hooks

Went out to a nice little kinky night last night… a night of ‘dark science’ at the Power House Museum in Ultimo. As the night promised flesh hook suspension and other kinky skin-related delights the whole kinky community was out in force with some 5% of goths mixed into the crowd.

There were ‘stations’ set up in the hall of the museum with live DJ and commentary from a Radio National science presenter and a dermatologist. The most interesting one by far was the flesh hook suspension by the wonderful Polymorph crew, and within that a team of two brothers, one who was inserting hooks and managing the performance safety, and the other who got suspended through 12 hooks in his body, wearing cute latex undies, kooky hat, glasses, body mods and tats.. was really wonderful to see him get into his mental-spiritual space and see him swing and dance around in the air on the hooks.. watching it from very close and even exchanging some smiles with him ๐Ÿ™‚

There was some discussion on endorphins, psychological spaces, the properties of skin and mind, and how flesh hooks work. In the end though I think the kink community and practitioners within know way more than what was presented there. Yet it’s great to see perverted stuff being put out there and celebrated… we need more of these!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The rest wasn’t quite so interesting: live tattooing, a hand illusion, a tens unit (mild electricity) and a few other small things… but the vibe was nice and managed to catch up with quite a few friends at the museum and afterwards in Ultimo.

end of winter musings

end of winter musings

Been silent for a little while for a few reasons… been spending a lot of time with my new boyfriend, started two new jobs and also been quite sick for over a week now (having gone out to my first party night in over 2 months brought this nasty one on). Fortunately I’m emerging from the bad chest infection just as the first whiffs of spring roll in with some milder days with sunshine. Hope there won’t be more germs and sickness before spring!

I have settled into my teaching though the second teaching job (online) is about to start and I have my first batch of marking to do, so probably a very quiet weekend with lots of work for a few weeks. Mind you the new course is on the intimate sphere and I’m looking forward teaching fascinating material that’s close to my heart.

Been doing lots of beautiful quiet things: started a big jigsaw puzzle, Adam’s been cooking for me a lot, lots of snuggles, music, films etc.

As I’m getting better I’ll return to yoga, and I’ll start going to bridge nights again yay ๐Ÿ™‚ Also more films, more music, reading up on tantra and shamanism and psychiatry, more beautiful food, loving up and chilling are on the cards…

Can’t wait for spring!!

(photo is ‘Storm Flight’ by ahermin on DevArt)

Man on a wire

Man on a wire

I’m just chillaxing after a pretty amazing party out, my first in 2 months… before bed this is the film I watched… highly recommend it!!

Ingenuity, passion, vision, a kooky personal ambitious pursuit, perseverance and the human spirit… wow.


And now to something much happier and also musical… the Catcerto by Lithuanian conductor, composer and artist Mindaugas Pieฤaitis.

Well, I just SO love how the symbiotic relationship between us and the feline species is used to great incidental artistic effect. I revel in artists pushing ideas to their logical extreme as the composer did here with the whole projection and live performance.

Bi the way, what we are watching in the cat is mostly likely it being very high on catnip which was rubbed on the keys, maybe a bit of training with treats too but cats (unlike dogs) don’t respond well to treats… you can see how high the cat is as it rubs its face and body on the keys, typical catnip behaviour!

So cats on drugs plus kooky humans end up creating an original artistic piece.. yay!

(thanks to my foster mum Anna for this!)