RIP Tamás Cseh

RIP Tamás Cseh

Last week Tamás Cseh died in Hungary… for those of you in Hungary you know just how much he meant… for those of you who have no idea whom I’m talking about, let’s just say he was a formidable Leonard Cohen-type singer-songwriter, a deep and deeply independent artist whose songs were both deep social-historical analysis and breath-taking personal reflection.

Huge crowds have attended his funeral and many more will cherish his songs for the rest of their lives…

Now I’ll tell you who you are and aren’t for me
You have expected a nice song from me
Worshipping song of you I will not become, hence
What else could I be but your silence

I am silence, your silence I am
If you want me to I could stay on
You may sit condoning this unsuited song, hence
No sign, no flame, just roaring silence

I’ll continue who you are and aren’t to me
If you wanted flames that I cannot be
Fall in my lap and see I’m mere ash
Only your future can you tell from me

Now I’ve told you who you’re and aren’t to me
Have you expected a nice song from me?
Worshipping song of you I will not become, hence
What else could I be but your silence

winter stocktake

winter stocktake

OK, 3 more weeks of winter… I’m sick of the cold though been enjoying the colourful sunsets and time at home with Adam.

I have now started one of the two teaching jobs and I have a 5 hours non-stop teaching block on Tuesdays teaching mostly first year students on ‘Social problems and solutions’. So far it’s hectic but doable, the way teaching tends to be. The online teaching for Macquarie will start in a few weeks and the subject is ‘The intimate sphere’ which will be very enjoyable. Hope teaching this subject will help me get a foot in the door for future online teaching while I work on my publications.

Been keeping reasonably healthy with some slip-ups with my bronchitis/chest infection and asthma. I’m doing Synergy yoga every week and it’s making me stronger. Also do some yoga at home sometimes but I do way better with external discipline 😉

Been spending less time on reading, doing emails and connecting with the outside world (and blogging, which might be healthy!).. in return I’m immersed in new activities and experiences. Go with the flow? Eat your heart out Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

I think my life is still in a flux and a bit of turmoil but I’m starting to discern some good stable patterns again… and have lots of plans: to start going back to a few parties, new programs with friends, maybe buy a camera out of my tax return (if I get one hah), continue with both teaching jobs while also focusing a bit on publishing my own material, further plotting for future projects etc.

Now it’s 11pm and I still have a lot of readings to do for tomorrow’s teaching.. off I go…

(artwork is Keltor by viperv6 on DevArt… isn’t it awesome 🙂 )

shooting & painting

shooting & painting

Been getting up to a few more creative things lately… did a wonderful photoshoot with Emmy and I ended up lounging around with a rusty chainsaw for hours! It was awesome. We talked about it for ages so I was really looking forward to creating some stylish creative images with her. Neither of us knew how it’d pan out and we were both delighted with the results. They are mostly nude but this b&w one is quite a classic one I think that I can show off without shocking any of my friends 🙂

Also been doing some painting with Adam and I can definitely say that my painting is nowhere near where my modelling and photography are! In other words I’m completely shit at it but I really enjoyed mucking around with paints and I want to do this more!

I feel my winter hibernation might be slowly coming to an end… I’m now in 2 new teaching jobs and am plotting for more activities with friends, music and maybe even parties…