Mmmelbourne adventures

Mmmelbourne adventures

Ahhhhh I’m back in Sydney, what an awesome 5 days in Melbourne!! Yaaay 🙂

Got a very sore throat but damn I’m still smiling 😀

Highlights… well, I really loved Pompeii and hanging with all my beautiful friends (and making more!), but the real treat was the Saturday night spa party where, after the most beautiful nudey sushi presentation one could imagine, all the girls dressed up (and down) and we all massaged each other with oils and then a salt rub in the spa, then got to paint each other with different coloured clays until we were all completely covered. OMG so much sensual fun!!!! Thanks to Ross & Erin’s hospitality the whole affair was stylish, comfy and as friendly, fun and relaxed as it could possibly be! Thank you guys, you rock!! 😀

Ben, despite working inhumanely long hours 7 days a week, made the time to be with all of us and that was awesome! 🙂

Sunday was all relaxing and despite being a bit out of it several of us made it to the poly social. Was great to finally make it to the first PolyVic event! Monday I went out to hunt for jeans and ingredients for dinner… then cooked a huge pot of spag bol for the gang. Seemed to be right for the bloody cold weather.

I feel really lucky to be embraced by the most awesome poly tribe in Melbourne!! (just hope you guys don’t mind me calling you a tribe!)



Last night I arrived to Melbourne to hang and chill with friends for 5 days… yay for my little spring break!! 🙂

Today I walked to Fitzroy and went through lots of quirky shops, dyke cafes and the like, Melbourne so rocks!! Then I went to the Melbourne Museum to see Pompeii. It was an awesome exhibition with great exhibits, sound effects, body casts, rich descriptions of everyday life in Pompeii and a 3D movie of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. At night me, Anneke and Abby went out for dinner and drinks. Tomorrow’s promising to be even better with a big Saturday night with friends!

Victoria markets and poly social also coming up.. .

It’s fucking freezing, raining and it’s mostly windy, but who cares… I’m in the best company in a city with the best vibe YAY!! 🙂

Anyám, anyám/Mother, mother by Bea Palya

Anyám, anyám/Mother, mother by Bea Palya

Anyám, anyám

Anyám, anyám, édesanyám
Ne kiálts több átkot reám
Édesanyám, én megyek már
Hosszú út var, indulok már

Túl a vízen innen is,
Áldjon meg az isten is
Téged rózsám, engem is
Még aki felnevelt is

Verd meg isten, verd meg azt
Kinek szíve nem igaz
Mer az enyém úgy igaz
Hajlik mint a lágy viasz

Mother, mother, sweet mother
Don’t throw more bad omens on me
My sweet mother, I’m going now
The road is long, I’m departing

Across the waters from here
May god bless you
Bless you my love, bless me too
Bless those who brought me up

God, please do curse those
With an untrue heart
Cause my heart is so true
It bends like molten wax

(yes, the photo is me.. in a wishful-wistful mood)

edging forward

edging forward

Feel like I’m finally slowly gathering myself. A few days ago was Jewish New Year and I so had enough of the last 12 months and its trials and tribulations that I think I’m really ready to start a new year.. in September if I must! Really hope the next 12 months will bring lots more peace and joy, and a lot less heartbreak and heartache. I had it with those, can’t take more.

This past week I have been going out more, as a single person does I guess… feeling more independent and planning my life as best I can.

Been to a Garth Knight exhibition opening which was really nice, he exhibited his bejewelled creatures (first photo) that contain fractalised and embedded images of jewellery, arranged into the shape of dragons and beetles. Worked quite a lot, been to a BBQ and playing Wii, played bridge, did housework, went to see my parents and tonight did some awesome Synergy yoga.

On Thursday I’m leaving for Melbourne, should be nice hanging out with friends and relaxing.

Been taking photos of sunsets and crazy clouds, like the second image… Sydney skies can be so vast, open and poetic.

sad times

sad times

Been having some very sad and traumatic private times in the last few days and also been working long hours, so I’m feeling really numb and tired.

Sometimes life is just so cruel… you meet someone beautiful, brilliant and full of love, and you get to make the most beautiful connection, then it suddenly gets taken away from you before you can truly enjoy your blossoming love 🙁

I feel that reality in the last 12 months has been pretty cruel towards me: serious health issues, losing my job, my secondary partner dying, breaking up with my primary partner, and now losing a beautiful new person in my life. Sometimes I feel I cannot comprehend reality anymore, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. The love I exude sometimes gets swallowed by black holes and none of it comes back to me.

But my friends are here and their love means so much to me… thank you guys for reminding me why I love and live and how to put it all in perspective when times are really tough… xx

And I have to remember the good bits too… the amazing highs, my new apartment that I love so much, a couple of new jobs that keep me going (and I just got a third project job this week) and, again, my wonderful friends who are always there for me.

Spring is finally here too, want to put gloomy thoughts, cold weather and flu/colds behind me…

(photography by a very talented New Zealand photographer who calls himself ‘Gazza’ online)