Art Gallery, sushi, baking

Art Gallery, sushi, baking

Had an awesome day today visiting the Art Gallery of NSW with Guy, sampling Australian paintings and thousand year old Buddhist sculptures from all over Asia… taking photos, going for a walk and ending up eating the best sushi in the world!

Last night was also pretty awesome, spending some time with Ange and friends, cooking delicious food and me getting some bodypainting done on me! 🙂

Tonight I’m chilling at home baking poppy seed cookies and watching a film…

The love seat effect… Midori’s artwork!

Decay and entropy as a result of erotic interaction! Meet Midori as an artist and see what ‘the love seat effect’ is about!

Midori is a very well known shibari artist, teacher and performer, here she has combined here interests to create a piece of art out of cheap and cheesy blow-up dolls. I love how people at the exhibition took her piece on… to make out on, to fondle, to poke, to ridicule, to adore, to interact with.

I’m really curious what you think of this piece. Does it express anything about sex, our sexual culture and what we think about blow-up dolls or the commodification of sex? Sad, grotesque, confronting? Funny, sexy, enticing? Please leave a comment! 🙂

Sex and a higher consciousness

Sex and a higher consciousness

God.. sex… death.. this nifty little article from EnlightenNext explores the connections between sex and a higher consciousness.

Taoism, tantra and lots of other paths have been trying to connect our sexual and sensual drive with a higher level of consciousness for thousands of years. Many today seek to combine sex, love and spirituality towards a sacred practice in their lives.

Enter the immodest and irreverent David Deida, a guy with a particular sex-positive and ‘postmodern’ bend on tantric sexuality. His unusual take on enlightenment, liberation and sexuality is laid out bare here 🙂

His army of followers seems to include the Natural Seducers, a group of PUAs or pick-up artists who have perfected the art of getting laid and instead of doing it in a shallow way, they go about it with ethics and work towards a ‘mastery for communion’. Neo-tantra in the age of freedom can most definitely encompass the efforts of progressive ethical sluts out there… but as you will see, if you read the whole article, none of the major ‘masters’ of Western tantra have escaped controversy as their own personal practices have come to collide with their teachings.

Perhaps personal integrity can never be located (solely) through being inducted into one or another movement or school of thought or practice, ancient or modern, sexually modest or outrageously progressive. For me the biggest insight from this article is that our civilisational efforts to use our human ‘energies’ to drive us to transform and transcend ourselves using what we already have (mind, body, sexual energy, consciousness) is exactly as old as the spiritual and ethical pitfalls humans continue to fall into regardless of when and how they live. Does this mean it’s not worth exploring neo-tantra and other practices? Not at all, they are all potential sources of exploration, learning and expanding our consciousness, our minds and our bodies beyond what conventional existence might afford, but a healthy dose of skepticism and critical thinking may be your best safeguard on your journey.

All yearning-driven learning can be useful, just check your dharma at the door.

(photo is ‘Kiss me Lovely’ by arealitystudios on DevArt)