Came home completely blissed out from a heavy yoga class and wanted to finally write about it!

Been practicing yoga on-off for 15 years, probably about just over half of that time very actively. After many years wandering between various hatha places and doing ki yoga at home I have found my way back to the original place I started out: Synergy yoga.

It’s a wonderful ashtanga style practice with a unique vinyasa-flow. The emphasis is both on breathing/meditation and proper alignment and posture. There are 5 sequences in each year, each going for 9 weeks. I mainly attend open classes and absolutely love being reconnected so powerfully with my mind and body. These days I don’t have an active dance practice so yoga makes up for this too.

I now attend the Bondi classes and get so much out of it!! Pretty much everything improves with yoga: stress goes down, breathing gets better, joints feel good, mood lifts, mind gets anchored, muscles get stronger… it’s like an inside-out rejuvenation! After each practice I feel grounded and uplifted and I’m grateful for what my body can give me.

I know many of you do yoga already, but I can’t recommend it strongly enough, especially if you struggle with chronic conditions like I do which rule out lots of other types of practice. Let me know if you want to come along, always happy to introduce more friends to yoga 🙂

Delicious dance

Delicious dance

Mmm some fresh work for the Sydney Dance Company by Finnish choreographer Kenneth Kvarnström and designer Jens Sethzman!

Saw their new production ‘Mercury’ last night and it was a wonderfully pure, crisp, sharp and abstract piece of work.

Finnish born Kvarnström has achieved something really bold and visually unique with this new full length work and the dancers performed with so much energy and zest, it was a joy to watch.

The set was really stark and simple with mostly a single round light source above centre stage looking like a Nordic sun in various stages of white, grey and black.. white nights, black nights? Plus some horizontal light effects from the side, creating a visually pure and abstract sensibility against which the dancers’ bodies looked like aching notes on a page. The dance style is a fascinating mix of cutting edge contemporary moves and the choreography combined the ten dancers in astonishing complexities that kept building up towards the finale.

The artistic hightlight for me was set by a scene that opened with bucketfuls of ‘black snow’ spilling onto the middle of the stage. One dancer stood with a long metal stylus, looking like a black samurai with a metal sword resting its point on the ground. He stood in the middle of the black snow and slowly started etching one perfect white circle clockwise and anti-clockwise until his movements melted into one perfect circle. The metal methodically grated against the floor in long stretches and its sound resonated deep into scratchy techno.

The minimalistic, contrasty electronic music kept alternating between slowly resonating bits and fast punctuating tracks with scratchy staccatos building up to complex yet still minimalistic patterns that perfectly complemented the set and the moves.

Afterwards the four of us went out for drinks and nibblies, which was a perfect finish for the night 🙂

If you are interested, check out the Sydney Dance Company website for videos and information.

And finally, considering that Mercury closes in Sydney today, a snippet that brings it home 🙂

True Blood – all flavour, all bite!

True Blood - all flavour, all bite!

I’ve been shamelessly addicted to this new Alan Ball series about vampires in country Alabama. It’s such a rich series with twisted undercurrents of religion, race relations and the cultural contradictions and intricacies of a small rural place inhabited by creatures of various kinds with different systems of morals, ethics and interests. Well, there goes my sociological appreciation.

There’s also a LOT of blood of all kinds, interspecies sex, psychic connections, exorcism, drugs and all the kinky shenanigans of a reasonably creative Satan-like figure who challenges me to think about what sort of orgies I would or wouldn’t partake in!

There are also lots of tender moments for my soppier self and transcendental ones for my philosophical self.. and the twists and turns of multiple love relationships tickle my poly fancy (only lesbianism seems to be seriously missing!). Of course the production values are HBO quality with some awesome performances, gorgeous cinematography and the high quality screenplay and conceptualisation you’d expect from the maker of Six Feet Under.

Here’s a second series promo (third one hasn’t aired yet) and a favourite scene of mine in which a senior vampire dies with the main heroine Sookie sitting vigil with him. Don’t watch it if you don’t want spoilers!

Andrew… 6 months on

Andrew… 6 months on

My wolf cries tonight.

I would have loved you to see how beautiful it turned out to be… it’s healed and strong and leaping into the future, just the way you saw me when you peered into my soul… it would love to respond to your touch… but you are gone.

You left 6 months ago and so suddenly yet the pain is still so raw sometimes, it’s so hard to bear it. I feel naked in its flame.

You brought so much stillness and insight into my life when we were together, so much passion and courage… and so much vulnerability, it was your gift to me. I accepted it and transformed it into love, thoughtfulness and complete acceptance. We exchange so much and so deeply, you were my sparring partner, my spirit guide, my tantric lover, my connection to what is alive in me… my grounding force, but so much more too… in return I was everything I could be for you. Those two years held so much but couldn’t be enough.

I thought we had all the time in the world and had so many plans, but we ran out of time. This taught me to never wait, never waver, never be ashamed, never hold back. It’s another unexpected gift from you.

I’m on my own journey now continuing so much that you helped to spark and I feel your loss so profoundly.

I remember you every day, I remember your other loved ones who lost you and feel your loss even more profoundly, and do my best to share my love with them.

This grief cuts so deep in my body yet I’m also warmed and enriched by all that you gave me… I will carry it with me for the rest of my life. I don’t know how to thank you.

Miss you so so so much… will keep your reflection in me for the rest of my life… in wolf tears, in insights, in tantra, in all the wonderful things I will contribute to still, you will always be there.