Woodford Folk Festival

Woodford Folk Festival

Leaving for Woodford tomorrow by car.. 14 hours in two days! Yep it’s in Queensland and it goes from 27th to the 2nd Jan. I can’t wait for the wall-to-wall music!!

Chris and I will be camping with a couple of friends and going up in a convoy. There will be several other friends up there so I’m sure we’ll be chilling in various combinations 🙂

This is my first time at Woodford after many years of wanting to make it and I’m very excited! This is it. Oh yes.

Woodford webpage

More than 2000 performers from around the world and 580 events including not just music but theatre, film, dance, comedy, debate, workshop, cabaret and fire events. But mostly I want the music and the chilling, cuddles, reading, and lazing and playing around. This is going to be sooooo good.

All of you have a wonderful holiday season and wish you the very best for 2010!

December… is gone!

December… is gone!

December has gone so fast and that’s probably because I’ve been busy partying like crazy 😛

Yep, here you can see a kinky party (Tanja is licking my wolf I think), Chris’ birthday party in Maianbar (I never grow tired photographing Chris and Chryl together… awww!) and a playparty after a friend’s birthday… that’s me with the gorgeous and wonderful Andy who was down from Brisbane. Shenanigans galore it’s been.

Have also finished off some work… and the most wonderful news is that I now have a lecturing job at Macquarie Uni for 2010. I’m veeeery happy about this one even if it’s funny to put this news with sexy photos 😉

Hope you’ll all have a wonderful holiday season or break and will celebrate the new year in style. I’ll be in Woodford at the folk festival with a bunch of beautiful friends…

Copenhangen and filtering

Copenhangen and filtering

The Copenhagen climate talks are going around the clock and despite an unprecedented 5000 journalists and observers covering the event what is actually going on appears harder and harder to discern. Apparently the real action is hidden away although there was a recent leak connected to an Australian negotiator that gave away hints about how Australia might try to wiggle out of a future deal through a loophole. It is becoming obvious that Western nations are buttressing themselves against future changes, they pressure third world nations with much less negotiating power into potentially unequal deals and that the ‘climate books’ are going to be well and truly cooked as everything is in the fine details.

One thing is for sure, climate change is now a very high stakes global game and as such it is so heavily politicized and related events are so heavily manipulated by stakeholders that the situation now requires expert assessment just to make some basic sense of it all.

Environmentalists are, justifiably, looking on with a great deal of trepidation and I’m sure it’ll take many months to fully assess what the hell happened in Copenhagen and where it’s taking the global community with it. Would be rather foolish to expect anything vaguely impressive or progressive.

The BBC Copenhagen page.

The 350.org people have done a pretty good global campaign raising awareness… wonder how we’ll look back at the idea of the ‘350’ in a decade or so…

In the meantime The Australian government is going ahead with its ridiculous and unpopular mandatory internet filtering. One can only hope it won’t make it through the Senate, otherwise we’ll end up with one of the most conservative and frankly pathetic internet filtering laws in the world. It’s going to be completely ineffective, blocking legitimate sites while being unable to block intended ones, most of which I’d consider to be my civil right to have access to: legal pornography, sex education, bdsm etc. I am deeply dismayed that in the current Australian Parliament noone is representing my liberal secular humanist views. Shame shame shame.

Requiem & cimbalom

In a bit of a flat mood today, so just channeling some of Mozart’s Requiem to you… mind you the best ever performance by the English Baroque Soloists, the Monteverdi choir with John Eliot Gardiner… enjoy 🙂

And to contrast that with something very folky and upbeat, here’s a piece played on the cimbalom (a type of dulcimer that is hit) 🙂