Stephen Fry on IQ2 – the Catholic Church

Stephen Fry eloquently explains why the Catholic Church is absolutely not an institution for good and never has been. He does this as part of the IQ2 debate (late 2009) and does it with a different wit and more English poise than Christopher Hitchens, whose sardonic witty presence is also a gem for atheists and thinkers but is something else again (and whose contribution you can access further down on the right side of the screen).

Fry explores the hipocrisies, ludicrous and repressive dogma, exploitation of the vulnerable and young, barbarity, domineering, nonsense, superstition and general depravity of the Catholic Church. Well done.

The Intelligence² Debate – Stephen Fry (Unedited)
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The shrieking drill
Is cold like
Frozen metal
In your mouth
Imparting bits of tooth
In the path of suction.

The pain is the least of it
It’s the strange discomfort
Of half a dozen
Contraptions and tools
All crammed
In your mouth
Making it hard
To breathe
Or swallow

Wish humans
Were designed differently
With fewer functions
In the same
Precarious place.

Wish my mouth was not
An expensive battleground
Sucking me dry
Delaying decay
Filling me with
The plaque of hope

Yearning for a bit of time
With no pain
And a dark hole
Demanding payment.


(artwork is Teeth by vladstudio from DevArt)

Map of human sexuality

Map of human sexuality

A wonderful little map of human sexuality.. done by a famous online poly personality who usually goes under his screen name ‘tacit’.

I saw this again the other day posted on Blackbox Republic, a new (s)wanky online dating site with way too few Aussie members… but some good posters who bring back such gems to me.

You’ll find lots of bent stuff here that may or may not lie beyond your ‘impassable ranges’!

For a full screen version go here! Enjoy, it’s pretty special! Click on the image to go to a new tab with high res!

ps: I might be giving another interview for radio this time… you guessed it, it’s on polyamory 😀

Work and other pastimes

Work and other pastimes

So I’m joining the ranks of academics at Macqaurie University and taking everything that goes with it… more serious working hours, less time to blog, more settled life… no, just kidding, I’m not settling!! Nooooo!!

Well, OK, maybe a bit. Depending on how I count it I now have 3 or 4 part-time jobs which is rather impressive and a bit chaotic, though I’m enjoying the transition from too much freedom and not enough cash, to something resembling a full-on working life with some moderate perks. I like the pattern I’m creating and getting used to the responsibilities and hours slowly though slightly resent having less time for love and play and hobbies.

The semester is about to start at uni and this is making everything quite hectic. My online teaching is winding down but there’ll be heaps of marking still. My business consulting is quite fun and I’ll also have to find time to further prepare my second semester course.

Will really have to do whatever I can to not get too stressed in the next 4 weeks! If I survive this unscathed, I’m ok!

I’m still finding time for lots of loving, yoga, violin practice, catch-ups, reading, music and films. Just have to ration it more and cut back on procrastination and acquaintances I don’t really have time for anymore. Not to mention squandering my attention on strangers online. And then there’s also the odd piece of poetry and photography.. mmm so need to do more photography at some point! My only regret about the summer is that I didn’t get to paint, but never thought I’d pick up the violin… so there you go!

Life is rich and busy and beautiful and mind bending.

A slightly messier, busier but even more empowered Niko is being forged 🙂

ps: for a change I included a visual piece by me.. LashSquare

Melbourne trip

Melbourne trip

Arrived back from my 5-day Melbourne trip last night…

5 days was definitely not enough! I chilled with the most awesome poly tribe I know (thank you guys, you know who you are!)… ok, well, outside of Sydney anyway. Don’t want to piss off anyone here! 😛

I got so lazy and just chilled heaps.

Ben and Anneke’s engagement party on Sat night was rather awesome, then I spent a few days in lazy recovery. Sharing a Maroccan tagine for dinner on Tuesday night was a highlight and the Wednesday night group outing was lots of fun. Got to play the violin a bit and discovered the most awesome gluten free patisserie in the world! Gobbled up a lemon tart and raspberry slice on a giant cannon. Style!

Loved all the chats and deepening connections so much. And it was awesome to luxuriate in the peaceful alternative vibe of North Carlton and its gorgeous inhabitants 🙂 Thank you guys for having me and Chris over!

Photos… with Ben & Anneke, with Chris, and with Anneke and Erin 🙂