Back in Sydney :D

Back in Sydney and the comforts of my little apartment. Ahhhhhhh

Chris and I have driven quite a lot in the last week. From Sydney to ConFest close to the Victorian-NSW border in the West via Wagga over two days, then to Canberra via Wagga again, then back to Sydney.

ConFest was dirty, uplifting, surprising, tiring, colourful and very relaxing. Yep, all rolled into one joint (nope I don’t partake, just in the festivities heh).

Ben and Anneke’s wedding in Canberra was the most wonderful, love-filled event I’ve been to. Felt so lucky to be invited and to be able to celebrate my gorgeous friends and their awesome life together. Also caught up with friends from Melbourne which was great. You guys fill me with so much love and joy!

More about both events and the road via a travelogue over the next week… with lots of photos! Oh yes, I have spent a lot of time behind the lens and this has been a constant source of joy and pride 🙂

Now back to unpacking, washing off the dirt of the road, cleaning the camping gear, catching up on housework and immersing myself in the joys of being back online! Mwahaha


YAY it’s the Easter break and I’m heading off to ConFest which is a wonderful alternative camping festival in the Victorian bush… then more camping, then Ben & Anneke’s wedding in Canberra.. back in 10 days!!