Yes, I arrived to Budapest last week after a rather arduous 35 hour journey with Chris.

I spent the last 5 days acclimatising, getting used to Hungarian reality again and also tackling a nasty cold I caught on the plane from one of the toddlers that was screaming and spreading pathogens around totally circumventing all my efforts of not getting ill. So that’s been really crap, but now I’m getting better, finding food finally and the weather is also turning sunny!

I’m starting to hook up with friends and relatives and showing Chris the sights of the city. He’s also been taking himself around very happily. Today we are heading out for coffee and then to Heroes’ Square to check out the giant sculptures of the founding fathers of Hungary on shapely horses that have giant bronze balls hanging underneath them… quite the sight 🙂

Can’t wait to see Ben & Anneke when we all meet up in Berlin soon! Can’t wait to see my little brother and sister for fruit picking. Have finally met my brother Zoltan after 10 years, the reunion was wonderful!! Was also awesome to meet his Swedish partner Asa. Such luck to have caught both of them still here.

Photos later…. xoxo


The way pop culture goes I can see that cultural theorists have a lot to do these days 😉 It’s all rather entertaining isn’t it… please send me your sociological, anthropological, philosophical and plain lewd thoughts please! hehehe

Firstly we have Lady Gaga who seems to be pushing the limits on what you can squeeze into a pop clip in terms of pseudo taboos and cliches without actually getting anywhere… let’s see we’ve got bdsm power exchange, latex, strap-on sex, group sex, male homosexuality, pseudo-Nazism, machine gun nipples, potential rape, eating rosary beads and crosses and… heaps of pop culture over very mediocre music. I think we are only missing necrophilia and bestiality but that would be pushing it, right? Awesome makeup, photography and choreography though, something’s gotta be snappy.. I’m so glad that at least these guys are not out of a job 😛 Alright, I’m cynical, so hit me with your analysis.

Then we have this fluffy little clip about BP executives and the nature of global capitalism… yeah, who cares about the environment when we have global capitalism to keep alive with oil? How very true… not a very fluffy reality, is it?

Hungary and BP in Onion

Hungary and BP in Onion

I’m leaving for Hungary in 2 weeks. Looking at the state of the nation from a distance is not looking good though. In fact it’s looking sad.

Historic floods are ravaging some poor areas and have been for many weeks. Parts of Budapest are being closed down so that the Danube can peak at almost 9 metres. It looks like many small settlements are completely under water while the government is fighting to save others with the help of the army and prisoners. This really does look like a state of emergency.

Some aerial shots of the flood HERE (click on photo to bring up gallery).

Meanwhile the ‘global financial crisis’ or GFC is hitting Europe and I dearly hope Hungary won’t be the next to teeter on the verge of a credit crisis. According to the Guardian article ‘Hungary fears send stock markets tumbling’ there are fears that this might happen despite the Hungarian govt protesting that their financial measures are effective and forceful. The stock market plunge is looking bad. I so want to hope here…

Meanwhile the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is continuing. I’m sure you all know many aspects of this saga and have your own varied views on it, so I just wanted to add an element of slight hilarity to it all, definitely at BP’s expense in The Onion’s ‘Massive Flow Of Bullshit Continues To Gush From BP Headquarters’ … enjoy!

camerawork + cooking = food porn

camerawork + cooking = food porn

My trusty Nikon D40x and yummy food pair up here to tempt you 😛

Been really enjoying making lovely images, including in the kitchen… semi-macros with lovely DoF and simple good lighting is my favourite 🙂

* baked tomatoes on the vine

* broccoli and zucchini roasted with garlic (by Chris)

* the spicy sweet nutty fruity wet panforte mix before going into the oven… yummm