Back to Sydney and being grateful

Back to Sydney and being grateful

I’m back in Sydney and had a nice long sleep. I was so happy to arrive back to Sydney and I’m overflowing with gratitude for my life here.

Chris and I weathered the 30+ hour Budapest-Amsterdam-Bangkok-Sydney journey pretty well. My cousin took us to the airport in Hungary and my mum picked us up in Sydney. My mum tidied up my apartment and filled up my fridge!

There’s nothing like going to the other side of the world to give you a fresh perspective on your life. This trip, again, gave me the opportunity to reflect on all the wonderful things in my life: beautiful loving people around me, a gorgeous apartment and city, good quality existence on all fronts and an easy life compared to how most of the rest of humanity live.

Of course, we all know these things but travelling to far-away really brings it home.

As much as I love Hungary I also cannot imagine my life without the level of various qualities of life and opportunities I enjoy in Sydney.

These are the needs that living in Sydney fulfills in my life that I couldn’t achieve the same way in Hungary:

Equality, decency, ease, celebration, integration, assurance, choice, opportunity to contribute, stimulation, kindness, acknowledgment, connection, acceptance, respect, care, consideration, mutuality, inclusion, warmth, empathy, support, clarity, authenticity, freedom, purpose, hope, integrity, spaciousness, joy, humour, awareness, understanding, peace of mind, harmony, trust, wellbeing, nourishment, safety, beauty, peace, growth, wholeness.

In order to express all the needs that weren’t met (and some that were) and all the bad (and some good) feelings I have been through, mostly in Budapest, I would probably have to write a book, and one day I might just do that. Most of the above needs were not met one awy or another and I feel a profound sadness and anger about this. On the other hand expressing them brings some clarity and also appreciation of my life in Sydney which fulfils all the above needs one way or another. Thinking of this brings up lots of warmth, gratitude, connectedness and a sense of deep satisfaction.

I’ll try to process all the above one bit at a time… and be very very grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I have in my life that help me fulfill my essential needs and to connect and live in harmony, prosperity and opportunity.

leaving Budapest

About to leave Budapest… oh the memories, the moments and the frustrations!! I could fill many many pages with each of those.

The last few days I managed to avoid extreme heat and not die in it, then managed to get enough Niko-friendly food to survive onto the plane, and finally got to the Invisible Exhibition which was awesome. Might write a bit more about it later. Chris managed to get to another bath and got to play music with a friend.

One of my most essential medications accidentally ran out just a few days before leaving and I only had a week to try to get a substitute. The whole thing was arduous and full of anxiety but in the end I managed to get a substitute that seems to do the job. I even got my mum to post me some meds via courier which in the end didn’t make it here on time, ditto with ordering from Austria. Anyway, I have survived this episode but was very anxious for a week… more stories I guess.

Now packing our bags.. not looking forward to the travelling, but definitely looking forward to getting home!

See you guys on the other side… xoxo

Budapest again :)

We are back in Budapest and meeeeelting in the heat. Mostly 35-40C though from tomorrow we’ll get slightly cooler days… ahhhhh

I’m getting in contact with lots of people, arranging meet-ups for my last 8 days in town: my foster parents, my cousin, step-mum, sister, brother, a philosopher colleague, friends and probably at least one lesbian date 🙂

Will probably go to a bath tomorrow to cool down and today we are meeting my cousin and his partner to hang out and catch the Invisible Exhibition which is to simulate how blind people ‘see’ the world and to learn about blindness in a fun way. I’m curious.

Last hurrah… mmm

Budapest photos on Facebook.


Now that our Berlin stay is coming to an end I thought I’d update the blog about it. In short, Berlin rocks!

It’s been very very hot and so we have been slower and seen less than I thought we would. On the plus side we have had an awesome time, chilling, bumming about, seeing some cool sites that aren’t always in the guide books. Hanging at home with Ben and Anneke has been truly awesome, I couldn’t possibly wish for more fun, caring, easy, beautiful friends to stay with!

We have seen some awesome sights including the Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, Erotik Museum and been nude swimming at the Teufelsberg See in Charlottenburg Schlosspark. Been feeling so relaxed and so easy I can fall asleep on 3 coffees!

Not being able to drink beer or eat pork schnitzel and gluten cakes is souring my experience, though the awesome strawberries, coffee and occasional Asian food kinda makes up for it… well, not really, but that’s life… half an hour ago I was chastised by the cafe owner for bringing in sushi yet they have zero food I can eat, I can only drink the water, that’s it… bit tough huh?

We might have a trashy night in tonight (which in my case means more mineral water, fruit and lots of naughtiness sans the drugs) then stock up on food tomorrow and fly back to Budapest in the evening.

Berlin photos on Facebook.

fun times :)

Our Budapest adventures are getting better 🙂 Even though my understanding of local events is getting more refined and these can be disappointing, there are plenty of things for us to enjoy and be happy about.

Let’s start with the weather: been mostly 28-34C and very sunny, which sounds even better when I consider that Sydney is experiencing record colds. I’m so enjoying the long days, the sunshine and all the nakedness at home.

Our colds are finally retreating and the severe coughing fits and fever are disappearing… ahhh that was draining, so glad to put that behind us. I’m still up on meds and down on energy but improving every day.

Been catching up with two of my brothers and this has been a treat. Been showing sights to Chris and taking lots of photos. Today we celebrated my brother, Zoltan’s birthday and it was awesome to relax together. Last night we went to the opening ceremony of Budapest Pride which totally rocked!! Great ceremony with awards, speeches, music and a surprisingly fantastic dance piece, then a gay comedy (film).

Many people seem to be unavailable which is a bit frustrating but having so much time to relax, walk, eat, discover places etc is such a yummy luxury and we are both lapping it up. My stress levels are way down, sooooo wonderful.

Also really looking forward to our Berlin adventures later this week with Ben & Anneke!! Just can’t wait!!

Still holding out on the possibility of fruit picking though this is dwindling now… and will definitely visit Turkish baths, get to an Iyengar yoga place, more gay pride events, more catching ups, markets and maybe a hike in the Buda hills too 🙂