everday life…

everday life…

What’s been up with me?

For the past 5 weeks I was teaching each week, giving lectures and tutes in a new subject and doing admin, which takes up quite a bit of time. It’s all going really well and I’m really proud of this course. Also doing an Early Career Researcher’s workshop and hoping to get a new research project going.

Been also doing some yoga, quite lazy winter weekends at home with Chris, filled with cooking, reading, music and films.

The weather’s still cold so cuddling under the doona watching True Blood, for instance, is just an awesome prospect 😀

I’m also in the process of switching medications and this has been causing some upheaval in my life, but I’m hoping to solve some of the biggest issues that have been baffling doctors. I’m hopeful this new medication will help me with them!

I also did a photoshoot as a photographer towards a friend’s art project, which is really exciting.. and doing heaps of photography.

Got an iPhone 4 recently and I’m really enjoying listening to podcasts while walking, watching tv on demand (ABC, TED, docos) when commuting and staying connected on the go. I can even transfer work files via Dropbox, read PDFs, edit photos, do banking and read books on it. If you’ve got a smart phone you probably already know all this, but they are new to me… an awesome addition to my life 🙂

Plans… getting new strings onto my violin and practicing again, more yoga, maybe painting, a hike in the Blue Mountains, a party or two, visiting friends, poly events, a non-violent communication practice group 🙂 And I’m seriously looking at getting a poodle… if I find the right one…

Update: medication change-over is bloody hard and rough… but am still being hopeful