What a year 2010 was… for those of you not close to me week to week this is a recap of what happened to me this year..

As you can see from the photos already, people matter to me the most 🙂

* 2010 started at Woodford Folk Festival with a troop of awesome people
* started lecturing at Macquarie Uni on a contract… teaching in 2 new subjects
* some deep chilling at festivals, concerts, with friends and family.. and also in Melbourne with poly friends 🙂

* tantra, music, doctors, yoga, Mardi Gras festival
* poly talk given at Evolver
* winding down online teaching, winding up face-to-face teaching

* violin playing!
* essay marking and teaching… my diary seems to be full of this
* raw food, film nights, beach, friends, family..

* ConFest! which is an alternative camping festival 14 hours drive away…
* Ben & Anneke’s wedding in Canberra
* Rocky Horror, Evolver (alternative meetups), heaps of time with friends and lovers
* workshops, more yoga and Non-Violent Communication (NVC) course with Chris which was a revelation

* conferences, workshops and more NVC
* a new GP (doctor), a new drug and a brief hospital visit which sucked
* struggles with my lungs and my immune system
* Early Career Research workshops
* remembering Andrew… 1 year anniversary
* dating a beautiful woman (geez I want a girlfriend!!)

* Sydney film festival
* awesome quieter times with friends and family
* heaps of visits to doctors
* flying to Budapest with Chris!

* Budapest-Berlin-Budapest with Chris, and Ben and Anneke, a definite hightlight of the year!
* catching up with friends and relatives overseas and melting in the heat
* seeing my second brother Zoltan again after too many years of no contact
* Berlin… mmm.. Invisible Exhibition (in complete darkness, mimicking blindess) in Bp!

* teaching a new course on science, society and the environment
* lots of nude photography 😛

* True Blood, heaps of cooking and photography
* queer films, friends and dinners and spa and play
* loads more doctors

* working with SBS researchers on a sexuality doco, really exciting stuff!
* shooting with SBS and 7 other people
* marking, fetish parties, photos, yoga
* making art
* 1st anniversary with Chris

* lots of quiet times
* seeing more doctors to figure out epilepsy and drugs
* Craig’s 40th party
* public lectures, lots of reading, sculptures
* planning and booking my second tattoo

* my birthday festivities
* exhibiting 2 pieces of art at Restriction
* strike at my university
* xmas chilling (and heaps of seizures.. boo)
* spending heaps of time with Chris 🙂

Looking forward to 2011!!



If you want to avoid the xmas madness and the swathe of crappy Hollywood movies (look through the choice, it’s truly appalling!), yet still want to go out, I truly recommend the film about Serge Gainsbourg’s life called ‘Gainsbourg’.

Such a colourful, creative, whimsical, music-filled biopic of the actor-director-singer-songwriter-all round bad boy of French music.

In the beginning we see the cocky Lucien (later Serge) defying anti-semitism and cultivating an early interest in women, poetry and cigarettes… then onto the young adult heart-throb who switches from painting to music as his main passion… all the way to the grating egotistic and almost mysoginistic old Gainsbourg who is falling apart in a shameless way.

I particularly loved the animations and the puppet alter-ego.

Scandalous, poetic, enchanting, outrageous, what an amazing performance from the lead actors… this is truly unconventional cinema.

Session times for this are slim, but go on, defy the blockbusters, turn away from the tide of boring mediocre mainstream xmas fare and hunt this one down. You’ll be grateful.

Maianbar weekend

Maianbar weekend

Just spent an awesome weekend with friends and poly family in Maianbar at the lagoon at Chris and Chryl’s place.

Hightlights of the weekend: lots of spazzing out and canoodling with friends, Chris, Joe and Nina jamming, kayaking and wading in the lagoon, taking lots of awesome photographs, games and communal cooking/eating, reading, massages, ropes… and more spazzing out! 🙂

More photos HERE



Tantra is connection and touch
Feeling my breath on your face
Feeling your will on my skin
Sensing my essence, your trace

Of a thought as it moves
The way it learns to find its place
Celebrated, caressed, fired up
the vibrating soul in a soft human case

Like mine, learning to be what it is
Juicy, grieving, joyful or terse
connecting with itself and with you
through a magnified conscious universe

(artwork by photoport on DeviantArt)

.. and Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance singing Sanvean… to the most beautiful underwater visuals ever (thanks to Luke for the find)…