same-sex couples getting married in NYC

same-sex couples getting married in NYC

The twist and turns of the US same sex marriage fight continue, with Proposition 8, high court rulings and a protracted political fight that is as florid as it is slow. Yet there’s no stopping of the advancement of equal rights.

These are the faces of the latest historic win: same-sex couples are getting legally married in New York City.

As much as I’m privately not a fan of the institution of marriage, I cannot help but be moved by this procession. Everyday/’normal’ couples declaring their bond and ensuring their relationships are respected by law. We won’t get full cultural change until we are all used to seeing same-sex couples being treated the same as opposite-sex ones, until the site of them kissing, getting married, holding each other’s hands in a hospital ward become so normalised, so everyday that we cease to be surprised.

This is the future we are looking at here… yay for equal rights… and don’t even get me started on polyamory! 😉

60 Awesome Portraits Of Gay Couples Just Married In New York State

Hospital stuff

Hospital stuff

Some of you already know, some not. I have spent 5 days in PoW Hospital last week seeking a diagnosis for the seizures I’ve been having for 13 years.

The hospital stay was pretty awful in lots of ways, except that it was pouring rain and very cold outside and I was enjoying the only place in Sydney that has aircon and central heating. That, and for the first day it was fun to watch my brain waves on a monitor. Other than these it was sad, frustrating and very uncomfortable in there and I used the time and emotions to get some creative writing done.

I had electrodes glued to my skull and had very little movement other than in my bed. Chris was in there with me helping me out in lots of ways and comforting me in those limited ways a hospital room allows.

I still have to have several tests and see a specialist to find out if we have any useful data. The whole process is really frustrating and as bumbling as medical processes tend to be when confronting a chronic illness that is not life threatening.

My mum and Joe kept me entertained as visitors and I got lots of lovely messages from friends.. thank you!

I’m now out and about and gearing up for teaching and research in the second semester at MQ. If nothing else, perhaps a book will come out of all these experiences…



Circumstances have got us out of Cairns and how lucky that they did… we not only discovered our sense of freedom and awe we also eventually made it all the way to Cape Tribulation.

I was quite scared to go that far, beyond modern comforts and potential emergency help (which I suspect most people with serious disability and illnesses also have), but I so didn’t resist or regret.

We drove up to the Daintree and did a crocodile cruise first then continued up to the heart of the tropical rainforest. We stayed in a cabin with only solar generated electricity and creek water for drinking. A wonderful crazy Dutch Australian man has eked out an existence here for over 20 years, building everything with his own two hands: house, cabins, garden, Buddha sculptures, ponds. I couldn’t believe how amazingly beautiful everything was and how awesome it was to finally completely break with touristy groups.

We only had enough time left to stay for 2 nights but we made the most of it… went for walks in the rainforest, went to an organic tropical fruit farm, talked to locals, went to see an entomology museum, hung out near pristine bushland and looked at sights on the way, including Coconut Beach.

My mind was completely blown by being in the middle of a 130 million year old rainforest filled with flora and fauna that we still don’t really know. I truly got a chance to develop a deep appreciation for the wilderness that pre-dated human civilisation, that we are currently destroying, and which, I hope, will survive human destruction and continue for many millions of years to come.

Cape Tribulation beach was absolutely stunning: wide expansive beach with gold specked sand, piercing white light, unique ecosystem, amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. I feel truly blessed that I could see these amazing sights and will urge everyone to head up there, even if on the cheap (I can help you with insights on how to do it) and see it for yourselves.

Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge

After Cairns we drove North to have another look at the magnificent Mossman Gorge, this time on hallucinogens! 🙂

The experience was indescribable but I’ll try… imagine a gorgeous little B&B place snug in bushland, on the edge of a little town and touching the outskirts of the Daintree rainforest. Once we dropped our bags we headed to the Gorge which is a sacred Aboriginal site and a breathtaking spot where a river flows down boulders towards the ocean.

You walk through the most ancient rainforest of the world to get to the gorge. I did splash about in the clear cold waters, watching the forest gyrate and breathe, colours shift and sway, specs of sand and gold running over my skin. Bush turkeys circled around us in dense bushland.

I really felt the spirit of the forest, breathed in the sounds and smelt the colours as the energy of the place took me with it.

Later we chilled at the lodge on the balcony overlooking the rainforest, watching butterflies and birds flit by, relaxing and at night listening to the sounds of wildlife. Had the most amazing time with Chris in Mossman, one I’m never going to forget.

Holiday in Far North Queensland!

Holiday in Far North Queensland!

Chris and I have been in Cairns and surrounds for the last week now. I’m loving the well deserved relaxation and slightly warmer weather.

There were some initial disappointments: our local contact completely bowled and because of choppy cold weather it’s impossible to explore the reefs.

On the plus side we have warm 26C days with sunshine, longer daylight, comfy accommodation in Trinity Beach and we’ve been to several awesome places: Green Island by boat where we snorkelled a bit in wet suits, surrounding beaches and cafes, Port Douglas (which is the most boring bovine place around!), mudflats and beaches on the way up the coast and Mossman Gorge which is absolutely enchanting.

We’ll still have time for more rainforest walks, probably a Daintree cruise and maybe visiting Kuranda or seeing more wildlife.

We are both relaxed and chilled… so wonderful to be spending whole days reading, resting, exploring…. photos later! 🙂