Prezi on poly and beyond…

Prezi on poly and beyond...

Interesting little Prezi on ‘Rewriting the rules: Non/monogamies’ by Meg Barker, who is an activist and poly researcher (the above is just a screen shot, click below for the real Prezi):
Meg Barker’s ‘Rewriting the rules: Non/monogamies’

Not sure I agree that all polyamory is eventually either couple centric or poly-centric only, but I do like the idea that we can think beyond categories, even if it has some serious postmodern overtones.

Mostly this is a lovely little presentation on provocative ideas about relationships. A good conversation starter in both mono, poly and mixed company.

Pollination and the magic of life…

Pollination and the magic of life...

Look here for a sense of wonder! 🙂

In the TED talk “The hidden beauty of pollination” Louie Schwartzberg says:
“Nothing lasts forever, everything in the universe wears out. And that blew my mind. Because I realised that Nature had invented reproduction as a mechanism for life to move forward. As a life-force that passes right through us and makes us a link in the evolution of life”

His is a talk on the ‘mystical moment where life regenerates itself again and again’… pollination. As bees around the world are in danger our attention is drawn to the crucial and magical process of pollination. Most of it is managed by insects, especially bees, but birds and bats are also involved. There are some breathtaking visuals here…

The hidden beauty of pollination

Steve Reich

Steve Reich

Late April Steve Reich visited Sydney again as part of a composer-in-residence of Vivid Festival. There were some fabulous concerts, I made it to the main one at the Opera House that featured 3 hours of awesome Reich music from various parts of his career. The concert finishes with music for 18 musicians.

To celebrate this Radio National’s Music Show had a lovely interview between Reich and Andrew Ford. Reich was incredibly insightful and shared some funny and moving moments too.

Listening to Steve Reich’s music is not a fad or fashionable activity for me (is it fashionable even?), I absolutely adore his music, it makes me think, it lets me drift with complex rhythms and shifting key progressions and it lifts me out of the everyday with a wonderful otherworldly force that I relish. I live for these moments/times.

Here’s a piece I absolutely adore, the Mallet Quartet. It’s performed by the Amadinda Percussion Group.

And finally… Video of Reich rehearsing with Synergy… awesome video 🙂

Naomi Oreskes and global warming

Naomi Oreskes and global warming

I almost never use this word, but this time it’s apt… Naomi Oreskes is my hero. She’s a historian of science who wrote ‘Merchants of Doubt’ (together with Erik M Conway), a wonderfully detailed book that builds evidence against a small set of scientists who have decided to take money from private industries and use their authority (or sham authority) to systematically saw the seeds of doubt about scientific evidence in relation to global warming. These same scientists historically have done the same about cigarette smoking and acid rain as well, the global warming ‘skepticism’ is just another round of the same game of paid denialism.

Here’s a video of Naomi Oreskes confronting Senator Nick Minchin (who was Minister for Industry, Science and Resources 1998-2001) who is still clinging to the notion that global warming is not caused by human activity.

I have previously blogged on Merchants of Doubt, you can look it up here under ‘science and technology’.

Here’s another one where Oreskes explores the scientific consensus behind IPCC documents…