Slippery slope sent up

Slippery slope sent up

Hahaha never seen the slippery slope argument sent up better than this before.. watch how the Chaser boys on their Hamster Wheel interview Christian protesters at a recent rally against same sex marriage, then turn to Fred Nile.

Polyamory isn’t mentioned, but there are implications for poly too as the slippery slope is often evoked to similarly discredit the possibility of a plural marriage or even the legitimacy of more than two people being in a committed relationship. Except whereas mentioning bestiality in relation to same sex marriage is considered obscene, equating bestiality with polyamory is not yet considered similarly obscene as… you know, polyamory is ‘out there’ and therefore what could those folk be complaining about?

Anyway, enjoy…

Sadhana raw kitchen in Newtown nomm

Sadhana raw kitchen in Newtown nomm

Sadhana raw kitchen is probably my favourite new place to hang out at. It’s in Newtown, it serves raw food and they have a funky little corner in a backstreet. They share a courtyard with Jivamukti yoga so you can double up on yoga and raw food at the same time.

The menu is almost completely raw with truly amazing smoothies (I recommend the warrior!), savoury creations that I rarely have the time to assembled at home, and a rotation of delicious raw cakes that will get you high. Also try the ginger snap tea. I haven’t had their super salad yet and will try the chia pudding too, though I can always slap one together at home. The quiche and the lasagna will leave your tongue tingly.

Why raw? It’s healthy, it gives you energy, it’s better for the planet, it’s absolutely delicious.

If it were closer to my home I’d probably hang there all the time 😛

Here are some links to get you going… and drooling.

Raw food at Sadhana

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vampire squid from hell :)

vampire squid from hell :)

So cute, isn’t it?

Thank you ABC Science for this awesome photo and description of a truly unique species.

This is the vampire squid from hell or Vampyroteuthis infernalis which feeds on decaying bodies in the great depth of 600-900m in temperate and tropical oceans. It’s so unique that it also has its own branch of the taxonomic tree; half octopus, half squid.

The creature is not particularly huge at 13cm but it has huge eyes to detect any moving objects and has dark blue bioluminescence against predators. It entirely feeds on dead bodies that drop to the ocean floor, it’s the quiet yet amazing looking sweeper of debris.

This cephalopod has sticky filaments that it uses to snare in small morsels, stick them together with a glue like substance then bring the parcel to the mouth. Ie it makes its own deep-ocean cake pop.

Sad to think that biodiversity is shrinking at such a pace that we are going to lose many many unique species such as this one, some even before we get to discover them… but for now, let’s revel in the mind-blowing uniqueness of this awesome little vampire.

‘Squid from Hell’ secrets revealed

Alzheimer’s = type 3 diabetes?

Alzheimer's =  type 3 diabetes?

New evidence suggests that Alzheimer’s disease could be a form of diabetes or at least be linked to it. There are brain areas that are seriously affected by insulin and changes in the metabolism of this hormone.

Junk food, primarily processed food that is high in salt and sugar, seems to be the culprit. Those who have Type 2 diabetes have been shown to have 2-3 times the incidence of Alzheimer’s and predisposed rats that are fed junk food diets will readily develop dementia that physiologically and behaviorally closely resembles Alzheimer’s.

This is awesome news for discovering important links and potentially becoming empowered in conquering this disease, but it’s also a devastating discovery as the vast majority of societies are quickly shifting towards a junk food based diet (see, for instance, the latest Foreign Correspondent that shows how Mexico, India and many other developing nations have gone from starvation to drastic obesity in 20 years and the humungous health costs this change has brought with it in the form of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease etc). This means skyrocketing rates of heart disease, obesity and diabetes… and now also Alzheimer’s, except Alzheimer’s develops later in life and therefore this spike has not materialised yet. We are sitting on yet another healthcare timebomb.

The only option would be to somehow manage this unfolding dietary crisis. Unfortunately the only efforts that show a modicum of efficacy, that is dietary and food industry regulation, is being thoroughly stumped in most countries by corporate and trade interests which so far tend to trump any efforts at containing a health crisis for which none of these industries are going to pay, unless they are going to be taxed for selling processed food. But that is mostly off the agenda. There are heroic attempts to tax the junk food industries to the example of the tobacco and alcohol industries, but so far the results are meager.

So… eating right is getting even more important. That high-fructose corn syrup stuffed food product that also contains huge amounts of processed grain (made with fertilizer derived from oil – aha, link that to wars!) and highly industrialised low safety meat has just become that much more scary. We already know it feeds into obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer… now we know that it may very well be also pushing your system towards dementia.

Want a raw lunch instead?

Alzheimer’s could be the most catastrophic impact of junk food

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Doulas are persons who help out with labouring and birth, by physically being there, advocating for their clients to hospital staff, providing physical and emotional comfort, helping to make decisions, supporting partners and helping out with other practical matters.

Hiring doulas for a birth is becoming more wide spread and I gather this is because women prefer to give birth in an empowered way with lots of support. Hospitals have done away with the traditional trappings of birth: support persons, homey environment, mother’s control, movement, alternatives in birthing environment, rituals and autonomy. A doula is able to help bring some of these back into a context that’s otherwise devoid of these aspects.

I noticed that second time mothers are very keen on doulas whereas first time mothers aren’t as they are told that the hospital can take care of all their needs, society conveys the message that it’s normal to just go to the hospital with little deviation from the norm of simply taking what they provide, and the mothers themselves have not yet experienced a non-ideal birth that could have gone better with more help.

I decided that I don’t need to wait for another round before I take advantage of the accrued wisdom and actually hire a doula for a first birth.

Found some research evidence that testifies to the usefulness and importance of the doula in England & Horowitz (1998) Birthing from within. This pithy little table shows the different intervention rates for birth unattended by a doula, births with a passive or an active doule. The differences are astounding and speak for themselves. If nothing else, this research should be convincing as to the importance of having extra support while labouring and giving birth.

Another research carried out in South Africa showed that the relationship between the mother and her partner is also seriously affected by the doula, after birth. 85% of those who used a doula were happy in their relationships whereas only 49% of those who didn’t use one were. The doulad group was more confident about their baby, happier about their birth experience and there was a stronger mother-baby bond too.