Mindblowing molecular biology animations

You simply have to watch this TED talk. Some new animations are revealed that show our latest understanding of how cellular and sub-cellular structures, such as our DNA, RNA machines, chromosomes etc, work.

The sheer beauty, complexity and magic of our cellular reality will blow you away.

TED talk on Animations of unseeable biology


Empathy, self love, brain representation and healing

This is a truly lovely article and it is a pleasure to share.

Psychology Today: Neuroscientists confirm that our loved ones become ourselves

Many of you know its insights on various levels (life experience, practices, science, philosophy, intuition) and many of you may not. They bear repetition and revelation.

What are these? I think I’ll wait until you read the article first… they involve empathy, love, our brains and how to live a harmonious life.

I find it amusing and deeply satisfying when psychological sciences end up vindicating practices such as meditation, self-love and Non-Violent Communication (which is about way more than non-violence).

Also, I’m chuffed how contemporary psychology finally managed to grapple with humanism after a long and boring detour via rats and circuits without connecting them to what matters to humans and finally reaching what a more human centred psychology – marginalised for long – has already discovered. I’m saying this, of course, as a psych graduate who turned her back on the discipline for exactly this reason.

What really matters to us? It seems that even fMRI studies yield the same answers as some ancient philosophy.