Polyamory – a personal account

Polyamory - a personal account

Found this blog entry and immediately thought it was a pretty honest and balanced account of polyamory. It’s a personal story which shows how one can question monogamy early on, then move through some other non-monogamous practice such as swinging, right into polyamory later.

For those on their sexual and intimate life journey this can be a good support material. For those wanting to comprehend polyamory from outside, it’s a good primer.

“People don’t realize that it can take years to acclimate to polyamory. You can’t just wave a magic wand and de-program decades of social norms. Also, monogamy has one built-in rule: Don’t be intimate with other people. Polyamory is much more challenging, because you get to make your own rules, the list of which can be long and must be discussed often. Open and honest communication is the key to polyamory. That means pushing past the fear and saying things you are afraid to say. You have to replace the fear with love.”