ConFest and camping trip

ConFest and camping trip

Chris and I are back from our camping trip around NSW. We are dirty, tired and happy to be back home.

We started out by driving to Mulemein for two days in a hired campervan, which was more promising in comfort than turned out to be. Still, was good to have a small mobile home.

Mulemein is 80km South-West of Deniliquin which is in the SW corner of NSW, closer to Melbourne than Sydney by many hours. After a La Nina cold wet beginning to summer we didn’t expect ferocious heat, but that’s exactly what we got! Each day got hotter by a few degrees, finally reaching 41C for the campers, but not for us… we left the site before all hell broke loose and headed towards Canberra to chill out in a state forest before returning home.

ConFest was marvelous in lots of ways: wonderful alternative people, a great spirit, gorgeous if utterly badly placed campsite, lovely Edward river and all the community spirit you could want. Unfortunately our car battery died straight after leaving home and it took several days to get new batteries. By then we were short on essential supplies and in danger of landing the most uncomfortable trip… so we changed plans.

Left ConFest, started driving towards the coast, got new batteries and supplies and sought refuge in camping sites and state forests. The sites were varied but all very hot still! We spent NYE under the stars in a lovely camping ground, which however turned into wildlife hell at 5am with hundreds of birds descending on the nearby river. By 7am black and white cows were licking our windows (from a guy who lives on those grounds with livestock). The comic relief wasn’t enough compensation for lost sleep and discomfort.

Billapaloola state forest near the ACT provided much better shelter with less heat, fewer bugs, no fellow humans and certainly no cows. We spent the last two days there finally catching our breath, going on walks, watching the stars, cooking food and chilling.

No more ConFest during summer, but I’m eagerly preparing for our Tassie trip in 3 weeks already! 🙂

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