normal breasts

normal breasts

There is a lot of body negativity these days. We are bombarded with photoshopped images of idealised bodies that are biologically nearly impossible yet are held up as aspirational by the advertising industry, which is hoping to sell merchandise preying on our insecurities. Porn, with lots of cosmetic surgery and young bodies doesn’t exactly help either.

What’s more, everyday culture encourages us to associate nudity with sexuality, so most people find it difficult to get their hands on non-sexualised images of naked bodies where the whole spectrum of diversity can be observed without fear, judgment or an agenda to sell you something.

Breasts are both taboo and obsession yet most of us rarely connect with our own bodies in a harmonious way and rarely look at our own breasts as biological wonders. Most of us could do with some healing and nurturing in this area.

So this site comes as a lovely surprise and sign of hope: ‘007breasts’

It shows pictures of average female breasts in all their glory and diversity. No sexualisation, no photoshopping, no shame and shaming.. no insecurity.

If you are a woman, have a look at these and see how you feel about the images and then how you feel about your own body. Most people find that these images help them see their own bodies as completely normal, as opposed to ‘ready for surgery’ or something to be ashamed of.

If you have a young female friend or relative, please pass this on, could save someone’s sanity, sense of self-worth and confidence in themselves.

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