pool night with bonobos + cold + dog visit

pool night with bonobos + cold + dog visit

Have been struggling with a viral infection.. lots of coughing, asthma attacks and today I also lost my voice.. It’s hard not to get down when I seem to be the person sick the most 🙁 I hate it… so much.. I can’t express it.

So today I skipped gym (have been skipping for over 6 months because of illness!!!) and visited my parents’ dog as they are still away. Muffin was so happy to see me and it was great to give her some loving attention.

Then I finished off my abstract. This is the shortest yet hardest bit of a thesis.. apart from the title! I have that now too, I think.

Last night Craig, Simone and I went out to play pool and have some drinks (well, I don’t drink, so I’m the driver). We had a great time, it was so good to see Simone again! 😀

The 3 of us together drew a fair bit of amused attention. This might be the friendliest and most fun way to educate people about poly and non-monogamy! Yay for us.

Photo: 2 very happy bonobos I love and care about 🙂 Awww

Weekend… probably lots of resting, playing and cuddling. I need to finalise the conclusion and offload the examiners’ list to my supervisor. And eat LOTS of garlic!!!!

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