Bit of winter sun

Bit of winter sun

Had a half-work half-leisure weekend. Saturday was thesis. Spent Sunday with Craig, went for a long walk with Kabo in the sunshine, down to the beach and back. Bondi Pavilion was hosting an Environmental Festival with a cool ragged jazz-funk band.

Had some corn on the cob, had a look at giant stick and leaf insects at the stalls and watched Kabe frolic with the other dogs.

The slightly tired and short winter sunshine was beautiful and it was good to get out, even if it was quite cold… very cold at home too!

I’m a bit flat but have been keeping seizures at bay. Want to put the thesis into a printery in about 3 days so that’s also hanging over me… not much to go now 🙂

Mentally I’m just about preparing for a big Friday party now… but first some more writing, work, maybe gym, poly discussion group, some more work, thesis laid off and maybe visit my parents who are arriving back from Europe. Sooo want to be ready for partying by the end of the week tho!!

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