Frozen Planet

Frozen Planet

This is truly a landmark series from the BBC about the two polar regions. The Arctic and the Antarctic are shown in amazing detail through the four seasons, with understated commentary and breathtaking cutting edge photography.

A truly magnificent series that gives you a mesmerizing view into life in the arctic regions, where harsh winters are followed by bountiful summers and life has developed so many novel strategies for survival. The underwater scenes are as fascinating as are the ones in the open waters, on the ice shelves and up in the skies.

You’ll see the most outstanding and rare footage of orcas, seals, owls, wolves and polar bears hunting, narvals and fish migrating, bison fighting, penguins marching, and a whole continent being transformed by planetary forces. There are many scenes beyond imagination, some have moved me to tears (especially the fight to the death of one wolf and one baby bison in episode 5!).

A truly outstanding experience that verges on the spiritual for me… and relays some ultimate truth about life, death and our amazing planet.

BBC’s page for Frozen Planet

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