satisfation!! + partey!! :)


I have finished formatting my thesis, I’ll take it to be printed in the next day or so. The formatting, checks, biblio etc have all been pretty fiddly. It’s looking good, I’m pretty happy with it! Thankfully it’s only 67k now which means that examiners will have an easier time… no point in labouring it endlessly… it’s spiffy and very coherent, I quite like it! 🙂

The other great news is that Craig has won his court case which was a challenge to his dad’s will. It’s been a long, expensive, stressful and vile exercise stretching some 1.5 years.. and Craig’s secured a victory better than optimistically expected. I’m soooo happy for him!

Friday night we are going to a private party with Simone and I can see it becoming a giant celebration of our thesis and court case achievements! Also great chance to catch up with friends and get beautifully trashed… oh yes, this will be a good one!

Tonight I went to the poly social which was pretty good with lots of animated discussion. I really like this forum and the sharing of ideas… it’s starting to feel like a little community now.

And now off to bed… reading Matter by Iain Banks… pretty good sci-fi novel with a fabulously strong female hero!

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