The Pillars of the Earth

The Pillars of the Earth

Ahh.. yummy medieval mini series from 2010 that I have just discovered. Loads of treachery, power machinations, brutality, intrigue and clash of values and interests. Pure medieval sociology 😉

Set in 12th century England, the monks of Kingsbridge are intent on getting their burnt down cathedral re-built into a more magnificent form made out of stone. But they are mere playthings for higher powers for whom nothing is sacred. There are plenty of colourful characters: the audacious master builder, power hungry noblewomen, a steadfast prior, a bastard savant artist, a ‘witch’ who comes across as a woman way ahead of her times, and a bishop who flouts every Christian moral in order to cement his power.

There are strong love stories within, but the overall scale is as epic and fierce as the times are brutal and merciless. A luscious German-Canadian co-production with a huge Hungarian contingent on board (shot in Hungary and Austria) and wonderfully expressive actors who animate the subtlest of emotions. Music is delicious as is the opening animation. At only 8 episodes I am sure it’s going to go out with a bang and will not overstay its welcome in your living room 😛

I’m truly loving it 🙂

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