Same-sex marriage now

Same-sex marriage now

Oooooh there’s a lot to write on gay marriage! I’m very much for it though I have spent most of my life shitting on the institution of marriage as such (excuse my verbal honesty). I want nothing less than complete equality and there’s no respectable argument whatsoever against it. I know the gay community’s divided on the issue and the reasons are quite obvious (do we really want to become mainstream? do we want to emulate ‘breeders’? do we want to be assimilated?) yet there simply has to be recognition, legal action and the cultural conditions for equality they bring.

The recent Australian story of gay marriage has been leaning towards ‘partnership recognition’ but even on this the government has been dragging its heel til it almost wore away. More than that: the federal government enacted legislation to overwrite a territory’s own legalisation of same sex marriage. Yep, Bush is only trying to emulate Howard!

It’s a dismal landscape of resistance in the face of obvious social change and goes against some wonderful early advancements on gay rights decades ago here. It’s gotta change but I can’t see how it will quickly and easily… Australia is far behind and I can’t see the (morally Christian) new Labor government changing the game. We aren’t that far behind in general attitude of the younger urban generations which are in line with progressive developments overseas, but we are badly behind in legal recognition. Even South Africa and Spain are ahead of us… we need to get moving now.

But last week there was something to celebrate… the veto against same-sex marriage has been overturned in California and ceremonies have started!! When I look at same sex couples finally being able to marry after 10-20-40-60 years together I’m filled with joy and get very misty eyed. There are couples who waited a lifetime for equality, dignity and recognition. How unbelievable and fantastic for them!

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