Fiji holiday

Fiji holiday

Chris and I grabbed the opportunity of a winter break and headed off to Fiji for a week to chill. It was definitely a relaxing holiday in that we rested a lot and there weren’t many activities.

We were hoping for more tropical weather but July is the coldest month in Fiji too so we didn’t really get beach weather as such (more winds and cold and rain). Then again, it was still much warmer than in Sydney.

We stayed near Sigatoka in a resort and learnt the hard way that resorts are akin to institutions and are full of redneck Aussies just trying to get smashed around the pool. Considering this the locals were gracious and lovely.

We made it out to Sigatoka town and walked to neighbouring villages to get some idea how the locals live. Sigatoka was dusty and decrepit but interesting, the villages were poor and welcoming with women and children gathering around us and old folk chatting to us about local medicinal herbs and village life.  At least these bits were real, unlike the resort.

We came back more chilled but also eager for real life experiences that a resort cannot offer. Lesson learned.


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