Flights in Europe & weekend indoors

Flights in Europe & weekend indoors

A quiet(er) weekend. Craig and I need to organise internal European flights pronto! I have already spent ages online but the connections and times I want are difficult, so we’ll head out to an agent tomorrow and weight up the prices. Not cheap either.

It’s cold and I woke up with a sore throat, tiredness and am generally feeling a bit low. Also cramps, cystitis and toothache from a nerve/lymph on my neck… yuck. (I know I sound like quite a case!) Probably waves of bugs, at least I haven’t got very sick yet this winter with any one bug… at least the flu vax is working for me!

Spending a whole weekend with Craig… tonight we are planning to play BlokUs, watch a movie and cook dinner together. Tomorrow going to the travel agent, maybe some Wii and reading and finalising flight tix if it all goes well. Still need to organise accommodation in Istanbul and Budapest. The whole trip is reaaaaally stretching me financially, gotta pull it back a bit somehow. Will try to work more hours next week if I can.

But soon we’ll both be back in the hot weather in the North… doing touristy stuff, hanging out, seeing new places, showing Craig what Budapest looks like etc… exciting.

(Artist is the superbly talented Kiwi photographer Gazza from DA.)

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