Sadhana raw kitchen in Newtown nomm

Sadhana raw kitchen in Newtown nomm

Sadhana raw kitchen is probably my favourite new place to hang out at. It’s in Newtown, it serves raw food and they have a funky little corner in a backstreet. They share a courtyard with Jivamukti yoga so you can double up on yoga and raw food at the same time.

The menu is almost completely raw with truly amazing smoothies (I recommend the warrior!), savoury creations that I rarely have the time to assembled at home, and a rotation of delicious raw cakes that will get you high. Also try the ginger snap tea. I haven’t had their super salad yet and will try the chia pudding too, though I can always slap one together at home. The quiche and the lasagna will leave your tongue tingly.

Why raw? It’s healthy, it gives you energy, it’s better for the planet, it’s absolutely delicious.

If it were closer to my home I’d probably hang there all the time 😛

Here are some links to get you going… and drooling.

Raw food at Sadhana

Sadhana Kitchen at Relauncher

Sadhana Kitchen green gallery

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