Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding is public is thankfully legal in Australia. Still, regularly a public personality tries to whip up some moral panic about the supposed indecency of public breastfeeding.

Mothers have organised a public nurse-in at Martin Place today to demonstrate the importance of being able to feed in public and just how narrow-minded comments can be that insinuate that public breastfeeding is somehow shameful or wrong. Go breastfeeding mothers! Of course babies have the right to be feeding in public, just like everyone else. Otherwise, babies and mothers would be either locked into their homes or would have to go to toilets to feed outdoors.

Haven’t we passed this stage where mothers have to hide their breastfeeding? I tried to nurse in public with a burqa-like tent over me but all it achieved was that me and my baby became even more visible than before and the cloth kept falling off both of us. As they say, if you find breastfeeding in public indecent then you’ve been staring for way too long.

Breastfeeding mums protest against Kochie

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