getting there…

getting there...

Baby Max is almost 3 months and I think I’m finally becoming saner, more organised, more chilled and little by little I’m getting my life back too.

Yesterday I managed to look after him the whole day, do housework AND go to Centennial Park for a lap AND cook a 3 course dinner, including this blueberry raspberry pie. I’m a bit proud that I managed all this!

Next milestones I’m really looking forward to: being able to do research work at least once a week and in a few month I’m looking forward to Max starting on a few solids. He’s eating SOOO much milk and it’s very hard to keep up. He’ll double his weight by 4 months and that’s something cause he started out at 4kgs!

I’m also planning to go to Melbourne and maybe to Kiama with Chris and the bub… bit scary still, but very exciting too.

But for now, I’m just happy to get out a bit more, being more confident with him in a variety of different places and doing things I enjoy that’s not baby related.

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