Tram, walks and ferry… night in Kadiköy with Volky & Ilçin :)

Tram, walks and ferry… night in Kadiköy with Volky & Ilçin :)

Had such an interesting day today! Spent time walking around taking pictures in the city and riding the cute red tram on Istiklal. When walking down to the water in the humid hot weather I collapsed in a really awful coughing fit (bronchitis from chest infection). A nice woman brought me Turkish tea and as I took time to recover I sat on a milk crate watching men play backgammon. Soon lots of kids gathered around me… no common language but still lots of fun 🙂 Was great observing street life too… there’s a lot of it!

Caught the ferry to Kadiköy where Volkan picked me up… we had tea overlooking the bay and eventually dinner with Ibçin in tow. They showed me their cool neighbourhood that has almost as many bars and cafes as buildings 🙂 We ended up at their place swapping music, stories and videos, nibbling on fruit and talking lots… I so didn’t want to leave but had to come home for a short sleep til my flight to Barcelona later this morning.

It’s a bit sad to be leaving Istanbul… but it’ll be so good to be re-united with Craig in Barcelona and joining him and Tiff for some more summer fun together 🙂

More photos and posts… when I have time and a Spanish internet connection 🙂

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