It’s hot, it’s beautiful and we have a gorgeous little downtown apartment with a backyard and internet. I haven’t seen much yet though as I’ve been really sick.

3 days of pushing through hardcore illness in Istanbul has pushed me back into atrocious bronchitis, fatigue, fever, seizures and auto-immune reactions. My legs got worse but now that I’m resting again it’s improving… I’m taking lots of meds, sleeping lots, eating lots (stopped losing weight now) and chilling lots… and improving slowly.

I’m here with Craig and Tiff. Tiff is running around by herself a lot but Craig would really love more able-bodied companionship outdoors (been great re-connecting one-on-one though!). I’m frustrated and tired and angry that I can’t do this more and that I have to keep on suffering and losing opportunities.

Despite this we have been out a few times on walks, cafes, dinner, walking through endless tiny streets around La Rambla, Catalunya Square and surrounds. It’s a gorgeous place with amazing architecture and a wonderful vibe. Hope to get to see a bit more in the coming days as I’m getting a bit better… gotta get a massage and get some food now…

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