Barcelona… illness then fun :)

Barcelona… illness then fun :)

Have been really struggling with hardcore illness for a week now. For days I felt half dead, some days I could barely walk or breathe at all. My new auto-immune disease is pounding away at me causing extreme fatigue, strong pain of various kinds and weird symptoms.

My legs became worse again prompting me to make international calls to my doctors… hope to find out my final test results soon. But today somehow I got markedly better… still ill but now I can enjoy some activities without the threat of collapsing, getting seizures or not being able to breathe. At least for a few hours anyway. I know, most people take this for granted, but I can’t at the moment…

Craig and Tiff went out last night and only came home late this morning to crash for the whole day (party shots reveal some deliciously wild activities 🙂 at least they can indulge in these for now)… so I spent a whole night and day by myself, doing lots of tasks and then going for a 3-hour walk around La Ribera! That’s quite an amazing achievement for me. Bought some summer dresses, took shots, talked to locals (my Spanish is non-existent but I’m shameless enough to try anyway) and soaked it all in 😀

Yesterday Craig and I hired a cute mini car and drove around with the help of a very cute GPS system that directs you as well as talks to you about all things local. We went to Park Guell which was wonderfully bent and looked at various Gaudi landmarks. Had the greasiest and most expensive meal out and enjoyed getting around freely. The only drawbacks were atrocious pollution (you are in an open car at exhaust level in a highly polluted city), scorching temperatures and my illness which meant that our journey ended in yet another health crisis. I still loved it though, we had so many fun moments and Craig was the cutest mini-car driver 🙂

Now I’m at home nibbling on cherries, figs and peaches.. yumm. Just waiting for Craig and Tiff to get up and we can go for dinner.

I’m really looking forward to the Hungarian leg of my journey from Thursday… I’ll be resting for that one 🙂

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