bombings in Istanbul

I’ve been oblivious to news for a little while… but then I noticed this SMH article about bombings in Istanbul just days after I left that city. How terrible to have Kurdish tensions on this level on top of the already tense political situation where Turkey’s well established secularism is being deeply challenged by religious fundamentalism.

It’s a weird thing for me personally… not long after I left Jerusalem there was an awful bulldozer attack and recently another copycat one. Then I leave Istanbul and there’s bombings killing 16 and injuring 154 people. I feel lucky not to be involved and to be living in a wonderful, peaceful and prosperous country without any significant violent streak or atrocious conflict in it.

Yet it’s terribly unsettling and awful… I now have a slightly better understanding of the underlying forces and their strength in both cases… and the terrible thing is the closer you see it from the more depressing it gets… in Jerusalem I came to understand better just how unsolvable the Israeli conflict is. This insight shatters my deepest trust in our Enlightenment heritage: that rationality and understanding will somehow help humanity get closer to a more logical and peaceful state of being.

I understand why so many of my friends turn off the news, I do the same now and prefer to read the Guardian Weekly once a week instead and read analysis only. What else can you do when there’s nothing to do?

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