Cleaning up the oceans

Cleaning up the oceans

The oceans are suffering from a variety of human created problems. We tend to think of the oceans as these vast, clean, empty spaces, but the reality is very different. Our planet greatly depends on the health of the oceans. Oceans teem with an extraordinary variety of life, and the oceans are suffering greatly, they aren’t clean anymore. In fact they suffer from pollution of all sorts: chemical, plastic, household items, ecological (introduced species), even noise (military sonars send whales beaching themselves on mass or unable to communicate).

On top of these there’s acidification, algal blooms etc, all issues that can be improved with more care: acidification is a hard one as we need to reduce our carbon footprint overall so atmospheric CO2 can stop rising so rapidly. Algal blooms are a bit easier, we can demand companies to be more environmentally friendly and stop fertiliser runoffs into waterways. We can also put pressure on federal and local politicians to clean up the coastline and implement more environmentally friendly politics. We can also stop or reduce consuming items that directly contribute to poisoning the oceans: meat, plastic wrappings etc.

“A non profit group announced on May 14th that a global “ocean clean up” effort on Sept. 15, 2012 netted an astonishing 5,000 tons of trash.
Among the pieces of rubbish collected were more than 2 million cigarette butts and filters, 4,159 candles, 40 lottery tickets and 2,492 baseballs.”

Here are ten ways that can help clean up the oceans. We can all do our bit.

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