Crazy drugs

This article enumerates several compelling reasons why drug prohibition will never work. These are then illustrated vividly through the discussion of 9 particularly vile and crazy drugs from around the world.

Drug prohibition is both a losing game and a completely futile one. From these examples alone it becomes obvious how ingrained is the tendency to get high. Sometimes at any cost (in the meantime I’ve come across evidence that even dolphins get high, by deliberately bumping into and getting poisoned with puffer fish toxin! Looks like this tendency goes deeper in the animal kingdom).

9 disgusting drugs that show prohibition will never work

For example, here is whoonga.

‘This South African drug, known in some forms as nyaope, sprung up in the nation’s poorer regions within the last few years and typically consists of marijuana, heroin or other street drugs mixed with retroviral AIDS drugs. It can also be mixed with things like rat poison or other toxic chemicals, sometimes shortening the lifespan of users who choose to inject it to as little as one year. Doctors seem skeptical as to the addictive or hallucinogenic properties of the AIDS drugs used, but worry that whoonga might have a detrimental effect on the fight against AIDS in the region since users may purposely try to contract HIV in order to get the necessary retroviral drugs free from clinics.

South African authorities responded to reports of whoonga’s increased use by adding it to a list of banned substances. Rehabilitation efforts are reportedly minimal and punishments for possession are harsh, and Sowetan Live notes complaints that South Africa has no “functioning government institution to tackle substance abuse.”


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