As someone with a jilted sleep routine and need to sleep 9.5 hours each night I’m sorely aware of sleep differences, sleep patterns and just how much I’m out of line.

Yet about 20% of the population, perhaps some of those who are setting the trend for shorter sleep, only get about 4-6 hours each night and are chronically sleep deprived. I know a few people like this myself! SMH article

It’s quite obvious what causes lack of sleep: faster lifestyles, longer working hours, shift work, late-night tv/internet/light exposure, anxiety and depression, jet lag and… some plain greediness to do more, mmmm I know this one… and finally the reality that some of us have circadian rhythms that just don’t gel with the 24 hour routine!

Get ready for 24-hour living in New Scientist

According to research about half of the population are early birds and half late night owls, with a smaller percentage being extreme versions of either. I’m an owl, Craig’s an owl, and no matter how much we want to change it it does not change!!

In our defense we say we have the gene variation for being an owl and back in cavemen’s time we were the ones who kept the fires burning and watching out for wolves! Aren’t we good at rationalisation? Our solution: taylor our work lives to our body rhythms! How radical!

There are lots of other new technological solutions that may or may not be rational. One is a new set of glasses with blue LED lights that are supposed to ‘re-set’ our brain cycles. This could be interesting.

Perhaps we could also stop using the Internet at night or do some meditation… not sure these will ever displace sleeping aids and obsessive emailing, but if your sleep goes below 6 hours you might want to consider any of the above options.

As for me I’ll just sleep in and then blog in the afternoon… thanks 🙂

(artwork ‘sleep’ by miken2kol4u on DeviantArt)

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