Centennial Park birds :)

Centennial Park birds :)

Had a nice sunny arvo in Centennial Park. Most of my friends had a wild party last night and being true to my pledge of taking it easy I stayed at home. So today I had lots of relaxed happy time on my hands.

The gorgeous spring sunshine made me happy but when I got to the park it was windy. So I walked a bit then settled with the birds under a couple of huge trees. There were parrots and cockatoos tearing up the turf, graceful black swans sleeping on one leg in the lakes and pelicans, ducks and ibises sharing the shallow waters. I sat down really close to photograph them and to feel a bit like a bird for a while 🙂

We Sydneysiders take this huge and amazing park for granted. It’s such a precious and breath taking gift! So few other cities have this kind of environment and I’m only minutes away by car. It was great to sit in the sun and feel blessed…

Then I caught up with Craig on webcam tonight and had a quiet night at home… tomorrow I’m taking up swimming at uni, yay.

More bird photos here. (please don’t link back to blog, thanks)

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