Craig and I arrived to Phuket last night… about 12 hours on planes via Singapore and over an hour in a rickety taxi to Kata Beach. Craig booked a luxurious hotel for a quarter of its price for 2 nights, it’s gorgeous!! 🙂

We are in the side of the hill with cascading pools, great service and amazing views. At the top of the mountain, Thai style, a big white Buddha sits and looks down on us all. The beach is packed with European tourists. Beautiful but very crowded.

Which is why we are off to Koh Phi Phi tomorrow by ferry. It’s sooooo humid and very hot, really takes it out of you. The water is shallow and there are no waves which lures me in. We had a great day on the beach today.

Now I gotta get some calories. It’s proving more difficult than I imagined. I also really need to catch up on sleep!! (on the way here I had a bit of a seizure in the taxi plus asthma from humidity on top of nausea, headache and dizziness, it was awful… no more of that!!)

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