Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta

Hot hot hot weather!! Thankfully there are slushies and a hammock in shade.

On our last day in Koh Phi Phi I learnt to snorkel which was a liberating experience, lots of gorgeous tropical fish around in shallow waters there.

Then we cought boats and ferries to Koh Lanta. This is a bigger island but a bit less busy except for the Northern bit, but fortunately we are in the South. Just the right balance of freedom, space, beauty and services here. Craig booked the best place on the beach, we have a cute wooden bungalow on stilts overlooking the bay, with a cute balcony replete with hammock and awesome views. Great food and mood here and lots of Swedish tourists.

Internet’s patchy and expensive but this means I can relax instead which is nice! I’m really getting used to the organised chaos of Thai people, combined with a general sense of ease, a relaxed attitude and general slowness.

Tomorrow we are going on another boat tour to 4 more remote islands for lots of snorkelling and sightseeing. I’m pretty excited about the Emerald Cave where you float through a cave before you hit a tiny gorgeous remote beach. The day after I might go elephant trekking, that’s our last day here.

Lots of photos but little time or opportunity to edit them, so that’ll have to be later.

Today I’m finishing an article and sending it off… then… lots more relaxing and reading…

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